Procedure: commission; king's letter to the estates
The erllis of Dunfermlyne and Dunbar, commissionaris at the convention

The quhilk day the missive lettre undirwrittin, signed be the kingis most excellent majestie, being presentit unto the nobilitie, counsale and estaitis presentlie convenit, contening his heynes nominatioun and choise of the Erll of Dunfermling, chanceller, and of the Erll of Dunbar, thesaurair of this kingdome, to be comissionairis for his heynes in this present conventioun, the saidis estaitis, with all dew reverence, allowit of his majeisteis chois in this mater, and gaif unto the saidis commissionairis thair awne placeis accordinglie. Followis his majesteis missive lettre: Richt trustie and weilbelovit cosines and counsellouris and uthairis, oure good, loveing and obedient subjectis of the estaitis of that oure kingdome presentlie convenit, we greete you weele. Whereas we haif thocht meit for authorising of certane conclusionis of the lait kept generall assemblie, maid for repressing of this grite incres and grouth of contrarie professouris, being daingerous subjectis in the estait, and for utheris causes to be imparted unto you in this meeting, to appoint this generall conventioun of oure estaitis, we haif thairupoun maid speciall choise of oure richt trustie and weilbelovit cosines and counsellouris the Erll of Dunfermline, chanceller, and the Erll of Dumbar, thesaurair of that oure kingdome, to be oure commissionairis thairat, unto quhome we haif committit the truist of the propoising of all materis to be moved thairin, and als haif remitted unto thair cair and diligence to see everie thing prosequuted and concludit that may serve for advancement of the trew religioun professit, for the setting fordwart of oure service and for the commoun wele and benefite of that whole kingdome; and no way doubting of speciall regaird baith of the message and messingeris, with all dew respect that appertenis or is requisite, we bid you fairweele frome oure court at Whytehall, the nynt of Januair 1609. To oure richt trusty and weilbeloved cosines and counsellore and to oure trustie and weilbeloved the nobilitie, clergye and commonis of that oure kingdome of Scotland, now presentlie conveyned.

The nobilitie, prelatis, counsale and remanent estaitis presentlie conveynit, haveing hard and considerit the kingis majesteis most gratious and confortable lettre directit unto thame quhairin his heynes hes very lyvelie expressit, to the unspeakable joy and conforte of the saidis estaitis, his most godlie and religious dispositioun as nurisfather of the kirk of God within his majesteis dominionis to advance the trew, ancient, apostolik faith presentlie professit within this his majesteis kingdome, and to suppresse all contrarie professouris; and alsua hes expressit his heynes most gracious acceptance, approbatioun and allowance of the proceidingis of the lait generall assemblie keepit at Linlithqw in the moneth of [...] last, the saidis estaitis, aknawlegeing with all dew praise and thankis to God his majesteis so faderlie cair and tender affectioun towardis the mantenance and uphalding of this kirk in all puritie, and his heynes most princelie, religious and lauchfull directionis gevin in this mater, hes for the forder strenthning of the proceidingis of the said assemblie and the conclusionis taikin thairin for suppressing of papistis and papistrie declaired, statute and ordaned as followis: In the first:

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