Act in favouris of the Universitie of Sanctandrous

24. Oure soverane lord, estaittis and haill bodie of this present parliament, understanding perfytlie be sindrie giftis, charteris under the great seall and donatiounes maid, gevin and grantit be oure soverane lordis maist nobill progenitouris, kingis James the First, Secund, Thrid, Ferd, Fyft and oure soverane lordis darrest mother of gude memorie, and be his majesteis self to and in favouris of the Universitie of Sanctandrous, the rector, doctouris, regentis, maisteris, scholeris, procuratouris, beddellis, servandis, wrytteris, officiaris and haill suppostis of the samin makand residence within the said universitie and collegis thairof, that they ar privilegeit, exemit and maid frie fra all tributis, taxatiounes, collectiounes, exactiounes, impositiounes and fra all warding, stenting and utheris burdingis whatsumevir, with express command and charge to all officiaris to desist and ceis fra useing charges aganis ony of the saidis persones for the causes foirsaidis under all hiest pane; as lykwayes that they have thair rector and conservatour of thair privileges appointit for thair ordinar judges in all actionis quhilkis may be intentit aganis ony persone or persones for payment to be maid of the rentis, maillis, fermes, caynis, customes, dueteis and utheris quhatsumevir pertening to the patrimonie of the said universitie and haill colleges thairof respective, wheirof they have bene in continuall and peciable use and possessioun according to the saidis giftis, charteris and donatiounes maid be oure said soverane lord and his majesteis maist nobill progenitouris to the said universitie; thairfoir oure said soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament ratefeis, appreves and confermes the foirsaidis haill giftis, chartouris and donatiounes with all liberteis, privileges, immunites and jurisdictioun thairin contenit eftir the forme and tennoure of the saidis giftis, chartouris and donatiounes maid to the said universitie of the samyn in generall and particular; and willis, decernis and ordinis that the samyne shall have full effect and be observit and keipit to the said universitie and haill memberis thairof, but ony lett, stop or impediment in all tyme commyng, as lykwayes that this generall ratificatioun and confirmatioun sall be als valide and sufficient in thame selffis, as gif the saidis giftis, charteris and donatiounes, haill contentis and tennouris had bene particularlie insert and ingrossit heirintill.

  1. NAS, PA2/17, f.17v. Back
  2. 'dere' written, but scored out. Back