Act in favouris of the Erle of Argyle of tuentie chalderis victuall of the fewfermis of Kyntyre

17. Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament, remembering and perfytlie understanding the good, trew and thankfull service done be his hienes richt traist cousing and counsaillour Archibald, erle of Argyle, lord Campbell and lord justice generall of this realme of Scotland, not onlie in his hienes privat and particular affairis, bot alsua in the publict affairis greatullie tending to the commoun weill, peace and tranquielitie thairof and lieges of the samyn, in the faithfull and diligent discharging of diverse and sindrie great commissiounes wheirin he wes imployit be his majestie for repressing of the insolence of the barbarous people and brokin men of the hie landis of this realme and conformeing of thame to his majesteis obedience and lawes, and specealie aganis that insolent and wicked race and name of the Glengregour, notorious lymberis and malefactouris, and in the inbringing of the laird of McGregour with ane great number of the principall of that name who wer worthelie execute to the death for thair transgressiounes, and in the reduceing of ane great number of utheris of that clan and thair associattis to his hienes obedience; quhilk service is sufficientlie tryit, verefeit and knawin to his hienes and haill estaittis of this present parliament to have bene verie proffitable to his majestie, this realme and lieges thairof, in the whilk service the said Archibald, erle of Argyle hes sustenit and debursit great charges and expenses notour to his majestie and estaittis foirsaidis. In recompence of the whilk service, his majestie, with advyse of the estaittis of this present parliament, hes dissolvit and, be thir presentis, dissolvis fra his hienes crowne and patrimonie thairof all and sindrie the fewfermes underwrittin addebtit to his hienes for the landis eftir specefeit, to wit, thre scoir sex stanis meill and tuelf bollis malt for the tuelf merk land of Auchincorse; fourscoir fourtene stanis meill for the nyne merkland of Bar; sexscoir sex stanis meill and threscoir four bollis malt for the sevintene merkland of Killonane; sex stanis meill for the four merkland of Craig; nynescoir four stanis meill, threscoir four bollis malte for the tuelf merkland of Carska; fourscoir twa stanis meill for the fyve merkland and ane half of Polomulane; fourscoir ten stanis meill and ten bollis malte for the sewin merkland of Kildavie and Glenmuklok; and nynescoir sex stanis meill and threscoir four bollis malte for the tuelf merkland of Machermoir, all lyand within the lordschip of Kyntyre and schirefdome of [...], and pertening to his majestie as ane pairt of his hienes propirtie annexit of auld to the patrimonie of his hienes crowne; quhilkis landis wer sett in fewferme heretablie be his majestie, with consent of his hienes comptroller, to the said Archibald, erle of Argyle and his airis maill for the yeirlie payment of the fewferme victuall abonewrittin, togidder with certane utheris maillis, fermes, caynes and dueteis mentionat in the infeftment grantit to him thairupoun under the great seall of the date at Edinburgh, the [...] day of [...] last bipast; off the whilk meill abonewrittin nyne stane wecht is estemit be his majesteis comptroller to extend to ane boll meill, and the samyn being comptit togidder in bollis extendis to sex chalderis, ten bollis meill, lykas the malte abone specefeit being calculat togidder extendis to threttene chalderis, sex bollis malte, and the foirsaid meill and malte being all calculat togidder, extendis in the haill to tuentie chalderis victuall, to the effect that the samin fewfermes of the landis abone specefeit may be disponit heretablie to the said Archibald, erle of Argyle and his airis maill foirsaidis, to be haldin of his hienes and his successouris in frie blenshe for payment of ane penny yeirlie at the feist of Witsonday, gif it beis askit, alanerlie. Attoure, oure said soverane lord, with advise foirsaid, declaris that thir presentis with the infeftment to follow heirupoun shall be ane sufficient richt and securitie to the said Archibald, erle of Argyle and his foirsaidis for bruiking, joising and disponing upoun the saidis fewfermes yeirlie in all tyme cumming, dischargeing his hienes comptrolleris, factouris and chalmerlanis, present and to cum, off all trubling or molesting of the said Archibald erle of Argyle, and his foirsaidis or the tennentis and possessouris of the saidis landis for the fewfermes thairof abone mentionat in ony tyme heireftir. And forder, his majestie with advise foirsaid, declairis that thir presentis nor the infeftment to follow heirupoun shall nawayes be hurtfull nor prejudiciall to the foirsaid infeftment grantit to the said Archibald, erle of Argyle of the propirtie of the landis abone specefeit, bot he and his foirsaidis shall bruik and jois the samin perpetualie in all tyme cumming for the yeirlie payment to his hienes and his successouris, thair comptrolleris, factouris and chalmerlanis of the silver maillis, caynis and utheris dueteis (except the foirsaidis tuentie chalderis meill and malt appointit be the tennoure heirof to remane with the said Archibald, erle of Argyle and his foirsaidis heretablie in all tyme cumming) addebtit to his majestie and his foirsaidis for the landis abonewrittin, and contenit in the infeftment thairof abone mentionat allanerlie; and ordanis ane infeftment to be expede heirupoun to the said Erle of Argyle and his foirsaidis in forme as effeiris.

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