Procedure: commission
Comissioun anent grammer and teacheris thairof

9. Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament, undirstanding the Latine towng to be greatlie diminischit within this realme, to the heavie prejudice of the commoun weall of the samyn, and the speciall cause thairof to be the want of the uniforme teacheing of all the pairtis of grammer establischit be ane law in all the pairtis of this realme, wherethrow, be the curiositie of diverse maisteris of scholis, baith to burgh and land, taking upoun them eftir thair fantesie to teache suche grammer as pleasis them, the youth quha be occasioun of the pest and utherwayes being oft and diverse tymes changeit to diverse scholis and maisteris be alteratioun of the forme of teacheing ar haillely prejudgeit; for remede quhairof, it is thocht expedient be oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament that thair shall be ane satlit forme of the best and maist commoun and approvin grammer, and all pairtis thairof, collectit, establischit and prentit to be universallie teacheit in all the pairtis of this realme be the haill maisteris and teacheares of grammer in all tyme cumming; thairfoir, oure said soverane lord and estaittis of parliament presentlie convenit hes gevin and grantit and, be thir presentis, gevis and grantis full power and commissioun to Alexander, erle of Dumfermeling, chancellar of this realme, James, lord of Balmirrenoch, secretar to his majestie, Schir Thomas Hammyltoun of Bynnie, knycht, his hienes advocat, Maister Johne Prestoun of Penyuik, collectour generall, Schir Johne Skene of Curryhill, knycht, clerk of register, Maister Thomas Craig and Maister Williame Oliphant, advocattis, Maister William Scott of Elie, Maister Patrik Sandis and Maister Johne Roy, shcolemaister of Edinburgh, or ony fyve of thame conjunctlie, to trye, cognosce, conclude and sett doun sic forme and ordour as they sall think maist meitt and expedient to be observit heireftir be all maisteris of grammer within this realme; and oure said soverane lord and estaittis foirsaidis declaris that the procedingis of the saidis commissionaris in the said mater shall be als effectuall as gif the samyn wer speciallie sett doun be act of this present parliament, and that publicatioun be maid thairof at all places neidfull, with command thairin to all maisteris of scholis to obey the samyn under the pane of deprivatioun of thame frome teacheing and payment of twentie pundis to the pure of the parochin quhair they duell.

  1. NAS, PA2/17, f.7v-8r. Back