Ratificatioun in favouris of Schir Johne Arnochte of his infeftment of his landis in Orknay

Oure soverane lord, with advyse of the estaittis of this present parliament, for the gude, trew and thankfull service done to his majestie be his servitour Johne Arnochte, burges of his hienes burgh of Edinburgh, and for diverse utheris great respectis and gude considerationis moveing his majestie and the saidis estaittis, hes ratefeit, apprevit and confermit and, be the tennour heirof, for his hienes and his successouris, ratefeis, appreves and confermis the chartour and infeftment, with the precept and instrument of seasing following thairupoun, venditioun and alienatioun in thame contenit, maid, gevin and grantit be Patrik, erle of Orknay, lord Yetland, to the said Johne and Margaret Craig, his spous, and thair airis specefeit thairin, with consent and assent of Dame Margaret Levingstoun, his spous, off all and haill the landis and ilis of Birsay, Sandwick, Hoy, Wallis and Southrounaldsay, Schappinschaw, Deirnes, Sanday, Stronissay, Egilsay, Rowsay and Northrounaldsay, with the houses, biggingis, yairdis, castellis, touris, fortalices, orchardis, doucattis, mylnis and multuris quhatsumevir pertenig thairto, with all thair pertinentis, all lyand in the mayne land and ilis of Orknay, within the schirefdome of the samin, with the annexatioun and unioun contenit in the said infeftment, with all clauses specefeit and contenit thairin. And his majestie and estaitis foirsaidis of this present parliament decernis and declaris that the generalitie heirof sall be als effectuall in all respectis as gif the foirsaid haill chartour, infeftment, precept and instrument of seasing following thairupoun wer at lenth word be word insert heirin, dispensand thairanent be thir presentis. As lykwyis his majestie, with advyse of the saidis estaittis of parliament, willis and grantis, and for his hienes and his successouris, decernis and ordinis that the infeftment, richt and titill maid be the said Patrik, erle of Orknay, with consent of his said spous, to the said Johne Arnochte, his spous and thair airis foirsaidis, in respect of this present ratificatioun and approbatioun thairof, sall be ane gude and sufficient richt and titill to thame in all tyme cumming for bruiking and joising of all and sindrie the landis and ilis abonewrittin, with the houses, biggingis, yairdis, castellis, touris, fortalices, orchardis, doucattis, mylnis, multuris and thair pertinentis, with the haill proffeittis and commoditeis thairof, ay and quhill the lauchfull redemptioun of the samin be payment of the sowmes of money contenit in the last reversioun grantit to the said erle for redemptioun thairof, extending to twa hundreth thowsand merkis money, nochtwithstanding of quhatsumevir lawis, constitutionis, actis of parliament maid anent the annexatioun of the ilis to the crowne, prohibitiounes and provisiounes maid for nocht dispositioun or alienatioun thairof, or quhatsumevir uther constitutioun, cannoun, civill or municipall, quhairupoun the samin may be querrellit or impugnit in tyme cumming, and als nochtwithstanding of quhatsumevir cryme, fact or deid committit be the said Patrik, erle of Orknay befoir or eftir the said alienatioun, as lykwayes nochtwithstanding of the summondis of treassoun intentit aganis him, dispensand thairanent for his majestie and his successouris for evir; dischargeing heirfoir his majesteis advocattis, thesauraris, comptrolleris, collectouris and all utheris his hienes officiaris, present and to cum, of all querrelling, impugning or objecting aganis the richtis titillis foirsaidis maid and grantit to the said Johne, his said spous and thair airis of the landis, ilis and utheris abonespecefeit, with thair pertinentis or ony pairt thairof, in the law nor by the law be ony maner of way in tyme cumming, of thair offices in that pairt for evir be thir presentis, reserveand alwayes to his majestie and his successouris the fewmaillis and dueteis of the foirsaidis landis and ilis useit and wont to be payit to his majesties comptrollaris be the said Patrik, erle of Orknay for the samin of befoir, conforme to the infeftment grantit to the said erle thairupoun alanerlie gevin at Quhythall, the [...] day of [...] the yeir of God jM vjC and sex yeirs.

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