Act in favouris of Schir Johne Moncreiff

Oure soverane lord, with advyse of the estaittis of this present parliament, ratefeis and appreves that gift and letter of pensioun gewin be his hienes, with advyse of his grace controller, to Schir Johne Moncreif, now of Kynmonth, knycht, of the sowme of thrie hundreth merkis during all the dayes of his lyfetyme, with the assignatioun thairin contenit, as the letter and gift maid and grantit to the said Schir Johne, than stylit Maister Johne Moncreif of Eistermoncreif, of the date at Perth, the sext day of August, the yeir of God jM vjC and ane yeiris, at mair lenth beiris, quhilk is haldin as ingrost and insert heirin word be word, to be payit be him as is contenit in the said former gift and letter of pensioun maid to him thairanent; decerning and ordaning the samin to stand in full strenth and effect to him, nochtwithstanding of quhatsumevir act, statut, constitutioun or law maid, or to be maid, in the contrair heirof, or that may dirogat the samin in ony tyme heireftir.

  1. NAS, PA2/16, f.67v. Back
  2. 'P 50' written in margin beside heading. Back