Ratification in favouris of Patrik Kynnard of that Ilk of his infeftment of his landis of Kynnard etc.

Oure soverane lord, with advyse of the estaittis of this present parliament, hes ratefeit and approvin and, be the tennour heirof, ratefeis, appreves and, for his hienes and his successouris, perpetualie confermis the heretable chartour maid, gewin and grantit under the great seall to Patrik Kynnard of that Ilk, his airis maill, quhilkis failyeing to his airis and assignais quhatsumevir, off all and haill the landis and baronie of Kynnard, tour, fortalice, manerplace, orchardis, yairdis, woddis, dowcattis, mylnis, multuris, fischeingis, tennentis, tennendreis and service of frie tennentis, annexis, connexis, pairtis, pendiclis and pertinentis thairof, and of all and haill the passage of the watter of Tay of Dundie, in all and sindrie pointis, heidis, articlis, clauses, conditionis and provisionis contenit in the foirsaid chartour, as the samin of the date at Halyrudhous, the auchtene day of December, the yeir of God jM vC fourscoir fyftene yeiris in the self at mair lenth proportis, togidder with the precept and instrument of seasing following thairupoun. Attoure oure soverane lord and estaittis foirsaidis, understanding that sindrie of his hienes lieges upoun plane malice daylie trublis and molestis the passingeris, boittis, ferreis quhilkis pass and repass at the passage of the said watter of Tay of Dundie and makis impediment to thame to schip, boitt and land peciablie at the Craiggis and utheris pairtis and places quhair the passingeris, ferrieris and boittis hes bene accustomit to schip, boitt and land peciablie thir mony yeiris bigane, quhairupoun great truble, controversie and inconvenient may fall furth and arryse amongis the liegis of the realme hanting and repairing to the said passage and ferrie of the said watter of Dundie; for remede quhairof, oure said soverane lord, with advyse foirsaid, statutis and ordinis that nane of oure soverane his liegis of quhatsumevir state, qualitie, degrie or conditioun they be of tak upoun hand or presume to stop, truble or molest ony of oure soverane lord his liegis or subjectis in passing at the said ferrie of Dundie, schipping, boitting or landing of the boittis, ferrieris and passingeris quhilkis salhappin to pas at the said ferrie, bot to suffer and permitt thame peciablie in all tyme heireftir schip, boitt and land at the Craiggis and utheris partis and places quhair they have bene accustomed to land, schip and botte thir mony yeiris bigane, and to mak thame na stope nor impediment thairintill; and gif ony persone or persones dois in the contrair, to be callit and accusit thairfoir befoir the lordis of his hienes secrete counsaill as oppressouris and trubleris of oure soverane lordis liegis. And ordanis publicatioun to be maid heirof at all places neidfull.

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