Act in favouris of the burgh of Perth

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament, haveing consideratioun of the antiquitie of the burgh of Perth, decay of thair brig and gude service done be thame and thair predecessouris to his majestie and his predecessouris, his majestie gaif ane new infeftment to the said burgh of Perth, contenand the confirmatioun of the auld infeftmentis of the said burgh with de novo damus and diverse privileges, as the samin under the testimoniall, of the great seall of the date at Halyrudhous, the xiiij day of November jM vjC yeiris, mair fullelie proportis; as lykwayes the quenis majestie, with advyse of his hienes, hes gevin and disponit to the said burgh the mansioun and house lyand within the said burgh sumtyme pertening to the persone of Perth, togidder with the richt of patronage of the personage and vicarage of Perth for intertenement and sustentatioun of the ministrie serveing the cure within the said burgh, as the said gift and dispositioun of the date at Londoun, in the palace of Quhythall, the tuentie day of November the yeir of God jM vjC and four yeiris, at lenth proportis; and thair being diverse controverseis and debaittis fallin out betuix the said burgh of Perth and Dundie, his majestie being cairfull to tak away the saidis controverseis eftir that the samin wer submittit to his majestie and lordis of sessioun be the saidis burghes, oure said soverane lord and lordis of sessioun, be decrete arbitrall, finessit and away tuk the saidis controverseis and decydit the samin to the great ease and contentment of the inhabitantis of the saidis burghes, and now for the help and supporte of the said burgh of Perth and that the foirsaidis richtis and securiteis maid to thame may be the moir effectuall and valide in all tyme cumming, and that they may bruik joise and posses the samin haill dispositionis and privileges thairin contenit without ony stope or impediment to be maid to thame at ony tyme heireftir, hes ratefeit and approvin and, be thir presentis, ratefeis and appreves the foirsaid infeftment, dispositioun and decrete arbitrall in the haill heidis, pointis, clauses and conditionis thairin mentionat; and decernis and declaris the samin to stand in all tyme cumming as valide and sufficient richtis to the said burgh.

  1. NAS, PA2/16, f.62r-v. Back
  2. 'P 32' written in margin beside heading. Back
  3. 'any tyme [illegible word]' have been crossed out. Back