Anent the customes betuix Scotland and England

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament statutis and ordinis that the farmeris of the customes in Scotland do keip ane originall buik of all the gudis that ar enterit and schippit for England, the schippis name, place and maister is name and to quhat porte the schip is bound, and to keip the entreis of everie porte by thame selffis, and everie half yeir the farmeris of Scotland to send ane trew copie of the samyn buikis to the farmeris of England, and the fermeris of England to do the lyk to the fermeris of Scotland, and anis yeirlie lykwayes to send the ane unto the other all the returnis quhilk come frome ather kingdome for discharge of thair bondis, to examine gif they be nocht falsifeit, quhilk being examinat sall be returnit bak agane. Siclyk, it is statute and ordinit that the coquett do pas in the names of the principall awneris of the gudis ladin in everie schip and nocht in poore mennis names scarslie knawin in England. Item, that ordour may be takin that na geir nor merchandice be sufferrit to pas by land frome Scotland into England nor frome England into Scotland by the waist groundis and wasches. It is statute and ordinit that all gudis caryit by land frome Scotland to England or brocht frome England to Scotland may pas onlie by the wayes of Berwick and Carlyle and by no other way, to prevent all fraude, and that all mercheandis do bring a certificate frome the fermeris deputeis of Edinburgh to the farmeris deputeis of Berwick and Carlyle, and also the farmeris deputeis of Berwick and Carlyle to gif the lyk certificate for all gudis passing those wayes for Edinburgh or any uther citie or towne in Scotland, and to keip originall buikis thairof under the pane of warding of the persones of thame quha sall contravene this present act or ony point thairof, and escheitting and confiscatioun of the haill gudis, geir and merchandice quhilkis ony persone or persones sall transporte betuix Scotland and England utherwayes nor is prescryved in this present act.

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  2. 'V 5' written in margin beside heading. Back