Summary of acts of convention from Haddington Manuscript
Conventioun of the estaitis, 7 Juny 1605

The estaitis thinkis meit that the airt of clotherie be brocht in and interteined in this cuntrey, and that the first offer thairof be maid to the bourrowes, who, not accepting or not prosecuting the same, that it sall be granted to uther undertakars, with all privileges and liberties requisit for furtherance thairof.

Act anent the urgeing the bourrowes with undertaking of the busche fischeing, and, incaice of thair refusall or sleuth, that ordour may be tane be the estaites.

Act aganis the transporting of nolt and scheip.

Aganis exportation of barkit ledder.

Act anent the pryces of buittis and schone, to be set downe be the magistrates of burrowes and ane or twa gentilmen of the schyre.

Anent weghtis and measouris, ordaning the act of parlement maid thairanent to be put to execution betuix and the xx day of September.

That na cordonaris within burgh tanne ledder, nor na tannares of ledder within burgh have libertie [to] wourk the same.

That magistrats of bourrowes set yeirlie downe pryces upon horss, corne and straa.

That all maisterfull and strong beggaris fund efter the tuentie day of August nixt may be tane be any man, and, being broght to any sheref, bailyie of regalitie or burgh, and gettand thame declairit maisterfull beggaris, may set his burning irne upon thame and reteane thame as slaves; and, gif any of thame thairefter escaipe, the awner may have repetition of thame as of uther gudes.

That nobilmen and gentilmen sall have the wynnes boght be thame for thair owne houses frie of the new impost of xiiij pundis for ilk tuune upon thair ticket and the merchantis.

  1. NLS, Adv. Ms. 34/2/2, 'The Haddington Manuscript, minutes of parliament, council and exchecker, collected by E. Haddington' (2 vols), vol. 2, f.345r-v. Back
  2. 'Conventioun' written in capitals in the margin. Back
  3. 'Clotherie' written in margin. Back
  4. 'Busche fishing' written in margin. Back
  5. 'Nolt and scheip transported' written in margin. Back
  6. 'Barked ledder' written in margin. Back
  7. 'Pryce of buittes and schone' written in margin. Back
  8. 'Weghtis and measures' written in margin. Back
  9. 'Cordonaris sould not buy tanned ledder' written in margin. Back
  10. 'Maisterfull beggars' written in margin. Back
  11. 'Gentilmens wynnis frie of the new impost' written in margin. Back