Ane act in favours of the nobilitie anent the impost of thair wynes

Item, anent the complaint made in name of the noblemen, barrons and gentlemene, complaineing that thai and the merchants fra quhom thai bought thair wynes for furnishing of thair awn housses were troublit be the customers for payment of the new impost of 14 libs. for every tunn of thair said wyne, albeit the same impoist wes speciallie dischargit to thaim be act of secret councill, for remeid quhairof, the estaits declairs, statutes and ordaines that, in caice any custumaris sall after the publication heirof wrangouslie sall take fra ony merchant the said new impost of 14 libs. for ony wyne to be sauld be thaim to noblemen, barrons and gentlemen, for furnishing of thair awn housses, that the custumar swa doing sall inurr the pain of 100 libs. for the impost of every tun of wyne that [he] sall sa wrangously take as said is, the ane half of the said pain to his majestie and the uther halfe to the pairtie greivit; provyding alwyse that the nobleman, baron and gentleman's ticket upon the quantitie of the wynes ressavit be him, subscryvit be himselfe and the merchant, conforme to the act made thairanent, be presentit and producit to the said custumar within that same year that the wynes [...] as said is [...] them.

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