Procedure: commission to the lords of session
Commissioun to the lordis of sessioun to decyde the actioun of reductioun of the foirfaltrie of James Wod, apperand of Bonytoun

The quhilk day the estaittis of parliament hes gevin and grantit and, be the tennour heirof, gevis and grantis full power and commissioun to the lordis of oure soverane lordis counsaill and sessioun to cognosce, decyde and discuss the summondis, actioun and cause of reductioun producit befoir the saidis estaittis and red in thair presens intentit and persewit befoir thame be David Wod, brother germane to umquhile James Wod, eldest lauchfull sone to Patrik Wod of Bonytoun, and apperant air maill to succede to the said umquhile James Wod, his landis and heretage, and Nicolas Wod, dochter and apperant air of lyne to the said umquhile James, aganis Schir Thomas Hammyltoun of Monkland, knycht, advocat to oure soverane lord, Archibald, erle of Argyle and justice generall, Maister Williame Heart, his depute, Schir Johne Cokburne of Ormestoun, knycht, justice clerk, Maister Patrik Bannatyne, his depute, Harie Wod, sone lauchfull to the said Patrik Wod of Bonytoun, and the said Patrik Wod of Bonytoun, for himself and as father, lauchfull administratour and gydar to the said Harie Wod, and all utheris his tutouris and curatouris, gif he ony hes, for thair interesse, Johne Arnochte, thesaurar to oure soverane lord, Schir David Murray of Gospartie, knycht, his hienes comptroller, tuiching the production and reductioun of the proces, criminall sentence and dome of foirfaltour led and deducit aganis the said umquhile James Wod, and all utheris actionis consequent and depending thairupoun, and ordinis the saidis lordis of counsaill and sessioun to procede and do justice thairintill unto the finall end and decisioun thairof siclyk and in the samyn maner as the saidis estaittis of parliament micht have done thame selffis.

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