Letter: king's letter and postscript to parliament

The quhilk day James, lord Balmirrinoch, secretar to oure soverane lord, producit ane letter direct be his majestie to the haill estaittis, datit at Quhythall, the xxvj day of Aprile 1604, and desyrit the samin to be red in presens of the saidis estaittis and thaireftir to be registrat in the buikis of parliament ad futuram rei memoriam, off the quhilk letter the tennour followes:

James R[ex], richt trustie and weilbelovit counsaillouris, we great yow heartlie weill. Althoght we have nocht spairit oure panis nor travell heir in this mater of the unioun, yit according to oure ordinar forme accustomat heir in all materis treated of in parliament we find the samin eirand of the unioun, be mony and diverse necessarie circumstances, to draw to so great lenth that we cannocht think it possible for ws to gif yow any effectfull or resoluit advertesment for the space of tuentie dayes yit to cum; and according to oure former promeis maid be oure uther lettres, that ye suld be advertest as evir ony occasioun intervenit heir, we have thoght gude to signifie the premisse to yow, and thairwithall, to lett yow knaw how unwilling we ar to werie oure goode and loving subjectis assemblit to that oure parliament with long attendence, we think it thairfoir expedient that oure parliament thair sall be continewit to the fyftene day of Junii or first of Julii, assuring yow that befoir that tyme yee sall be adverteist of the determinat conclusioun takin heir and of the particular names of the commissioneris, to the effect that yee and oure estaittis thair may the better knaw how to procead. And quhair as it may be thocht that be the continewatioun of that oure parliament thair, it cannocht be possible to have the money in redines for the intertenement of the charges of the commissioneris, we have thoght goode to lett yow understand that so great is oure cair, both to have the happie unioun to go forward with oure intendit progres, and yow all, that is oure subjectis of Scotland, to be relevit of the burding of ony taxt or subsidie, that we ar pleasit to send the money out of oure awin purse for intertenement of the charges of the commissioneris of that oure realme, quhilk sall be in redines in sic forme as sall be thoght expedient be yow oure counsaill thair, sua that we think the parliament beginning the xv of Junii or first of Julii as said is, we doubt nocht bot the commissioneris thair may be reddie to cum up heir about the henderend of August or beginnyng of September. And becaus it will be tuentie dayes at least, or we can gif yow a full resolutioun of the estaittis proceading heir in that mater of the unioun, we have thoght it meitt that oure parliament thair sall be the longer continewit, that we being resolvit baith of the names of thair commissioneris and be the actis to be sett doun upoun thair conclusioun, we may gif yow the mair particular and assured knawledge of thair proceading, that in the mentyme ye and oure estaittis (or sic utheris as ye think gude) may advyse and dispute thairupoun at all lasure, and tak the moir mature deliberatioun in that mater and cleiring of all thingis concerning the samyn befoir the beginning of oure parliament, that ye may procead than without difficultie. And gif ye stand in dowt of ony thing eftir oure said advertesment, that ye may have oure awin resolutioun thairupoun for your better informatioun, as we can nocht bot gif yow hartlie thankis that ar oure counsaillouris for your panis, travellis and frequent meittingis in oure service, so we earnestlie desyre yow that ye will, in oure name, gif oure verie speciall and heartlie thankis to all nobill men and otheris of oure estaittis for thair gudwill and panis bestowed in the advancement of oure service, and specialie for thair so reddie convening and attending so long upoun that oure parliament, schewing unto thame that, as thairin they have gevin ws pruif of thair luffe, we doubt nathing of thair reddines lykwayes to convene preciselie at the nixt appointit day, quhilk we will acknawledge as a forther testimonie of thair constant affectioun toward ws and remember the samyn accordinglie. So we committ yow to God frome oure courte at Whythall, the xxvj of Aprile 1604.

Followes the postscript of the foirsaid letter writtin be his majesteis awin hand:

By this prorogatioun of the parliament thair boith the estaittis sall have a ressonable tyme to repose thame selffis befoir thair nixt meitting; as also ye of the counsaill, haveing ressavit fra me the coppie of the act and names of the commissioneris heir aggreed upoun, will have sufficient lasure to considder it throwchlie amongis your selffis and so prepair a conformitie in the heartis of all men, according thairunto as the parliament, quhan it sall convene, may be the better resolvit to proceid cleirlie thairin.

Followes the superscriptioun or directioun writtin on the bak of the foirsaid letter:

To oure richt trustie and weilbelovit counsaillouris, the chancellar and remanent lordis of oure privie counsaill in Scotland.

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