Commissioun anent woll

Oure soverane lord and estaittis in parliament, considering the benefitt that will ensew to the commounwealth be the retening of the woll within this realme and be the working of the samin be the lieges of this cuntrey, how the cuntrey will be thairby verie far inricheit, his majesties custumes augmentit and ane great number of the idill and pure peopill put to wark, hes thairfoir gevin and grantit commissioun to the lordis of his hienes privie counsaill, haveing adjoynit with thame the commissioneris of sex of the principall burrowes within this realme, to convene at sic tyme and place as they sall think maist expedient and thair advyse, conclude and determine all sic thingis as to thame sall be thocht maist meit for the furthsetting of the said wark, quhais conclusionis ar declarit be thir presentis sall be of als great strenth, force and effect as gif they wer concludit in this present parliament. And als it is appointit be the saidis estaittis that the saidis commissionaris sall tak sic ordour with his majesties custumes as the samin may be imployit to his majesties greatest proffeitt and with the leist hurte and detriment of the subjectis.

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