Anent the courte place of the schirefdome of Mernis

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament, understanding the great prejudice sustenit be the liegis of this realme quhair the judgement sattis of schireffis and utheris judges ar nocht sa commodious nather in bigging nor in situatioun as the shireff, utheris judges and thair deputtis may convenientlie sitt nor the pairteis may resoirte thairto, and specialie that the schiref of the Mernis, alias Kincardin, and his deputtis hes bene in use thir mony yeiris to sitt at Kincardin, quhair thair is nather ane tolbuth nor ony hous to pairteis to ludge into for thair intertenement, nor yit is the place in the middis of the schire, quhairby the lieges within the said schirefdome ar greatlie damnifeit; for remede quhairof, it is statute and ordanit that the schireff of the schirefdome of Kincardin in all tyme to cum sall sitt and hald thair courtis at the Stanehyve, as maist meitt and convenient to thame and to the haill lieges within the schire, and that all preceptis to be direct sall be to warne all pairteis within thair jurisdictioun to compeir to persew and defend in thair courtis at the Stanehyve in all tyme heireftir.

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