Ratificatioun in favouris of the Countes of Mar of hir infeftment of the Hanyng

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament ratefeis, appreves and for his hienes and his successouris perpetualie confermes the chartour and infeftment under the great seall grantit be his majestie eftir his hienes perfyte age of tuentie fyve yeiris compleit and generall revocatioun maid in parliament, with advyse and consent of his hienes comptroller for the tyme, to his majesteis richt trest cousignes Dame Annabill Murray, countes of Mar, hir airis and assignais heretablie of all and haill the heuch and bra of Parkhill of Striviling, now callit the Hanyng, with the pertinentis, lyand betuix the park dyk callit the merche dyk on the eist, the circuit of the yaird or orchard on the south, the eist pairt of the burne of the Spoutewall ascending to the Cowgart under the Parkhill on the west, and ascending be the Parkhill craig to the ground of the auldwall on the south pairt of the said passage, and swa to the said nobill ladyes yaird on the north pairtis, to be haldin of oure soverane lord and his successouris in fewferme and heretage for evir, as at mair lenth is contenit in the said chartour of the date the tuentie nynt day of August, the yeir of God jM vC fourscoir aucht yeiris, togidder with the instrument of seasing following thairupoun, and all and sindrie heidis, articlis and clauses specefeit and contenit in the saidis chartour and instrument of seasing; and that this act of parliament be ane sufficient securitie for bruiking and joising of the foirsaidis landis conforme to hir said infeftment, for the yeirlie payment of the duetie specefeit thairin.

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