Act aganis persones quha persewis utheris within ane myle of the kingis majesties residence

The kingis majestie and estaittis of parliament, considering the manyfold indigniteis fra tyme to tyme done to his majestie be ane number of undewtifull and irreverent subjectis quha, to the contempt and dishonour of his majestie, makis frequent tulyeis and seikis the commoditie to revenge thair particular querrellis within the burgh of Edinburgh and the Cannogait and utheris pairtis ewest to the place of his hienes residence, nocht sparing sumtyme at his majesties awin bak to use thair privat revenge, to the hazart and perrilling of his hienes maist nobill persone; lyk as diverse persones under pretence of thair awin defence repairis and resortis within his majesties palaces armit with jakis, secretis or corslettis under thair dowblit and coittis, quhairthrow it is to be fearit that certane ewill disposit persones under collour of thair awin defence may attempt sum interpryse aganis his majestie or his domestikis; for remede quhairof, and eschewing of the inconvenientis that heirupoun may ensew, it is statute and ordanit that quhatevir persone of quhat estate, qualitie or degrie he be of sall presume or tak upoun hand at ony tyme heireftir to invaid or persew ony of his majesties subjectis within ony pairt of this realme within ane myle to the place of his hienes residence and remaning for the tyme, or quha sall resort and repair within his majesties palaces or ony pairt of his residence armit with jakis, secrettis or corslettis under thair coitis, dowblettis or utherwayes, that the saidis persones makeris of the saidis tuilyeis and combattis, eftir dew tryell that they wer the first onsettaris, as alsua the saidis persones repairing armit within his majesties house as said is, sall be takin, apprehendit and wairdit for yeir and day and forder ay and quhill they fyne with his majestie for thair libertie according to his hienes gude plesure.

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