Registeris of the schirefclerkis to be markit be the clerk of register and his deputtis, and thair extractis to be markit be thame selffis

That all and quhatsumevir schireffclerkis in all tymes heireftir sall present thair registeris to the clerk of register to be markit be him and his deputtis, and quhatsumevir registratioun to be subscryvit be thame upoun quhatsumevir lettres, togidder with quhatsumevir extractis sall be gevin furth thairof to ony persone, sall contene in all tyme cumming the leaf quhairin the samin is registrat. And this ordour to begin fra the first day of Marche nixt, within the quhilk thai and everie ane of thane sall present thair saidis registeris to be sa markit and that nane of thame subscryve thair registratioun upoun ony letter or give furth ony extract subscryvit be thair hand eftir the foirsaid day unspecefeing the leaf quhairin the same is contenit within thair buik markit as said is, under the pane of ane hundreth merkis money toties quoties, but prejudice alwayes of the horningis, quhilkis the saidis clerkis omissioun or neglect in this behalf sall nawayes mak invalide.

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