Anent hornyngis

Oure soverane lord and estaittis of this present parliament, considering the great expense and fascherie the lieges of this realme sustenis be seiking of ane nochtar and four witneses to the registratioun of all lettres of horning, relaxationis, inhibitionis and interdictionis in the schireffis, bailleis or stewarttis buikis within this realme, and als sustenis great delay be seiking of the clerkis quha suld registrat the samyn, thairfoir oure soverane lord and estaittis foirsaidis discharges that pairt of the act of parliament maid in the moneth of December jM vC four scoir sevintene yeiris anent the registratioun of the samin lettres of horning, relaxatioun, inhibitioun and interdictioun befoir ane nochtar and witneses, and decernis and declaris the samyn lettres quhilkis ar or sall be registrat in the said schireffis, bailleis or stewartis buikis be the clerk thairof, or be the clerk of register and his deputtis in the buikis of counsaill, sall be valide and sufficient in the self and sall mak faith in judgement or outwith in all tyme cumming.

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