Procedure: commission regarding military discipline
Commission anent militarie diciplin

The kingis majestie, his nobilitie, counsall and estaittis presentlie convenit, understanding perfytelie that the grit skayth and overthraw quhilk this realme hes sustenit in tyme bygane be the loss of samony battillis hes proceidit from the laik of discipline militarie and upon the trust of ane unskilfull and unarmed multitude, quhais disordour and naikednes maid thame a pray to thair enemeis. And seing the povertie of the crowne and cuntrey is not able to sustene wageit men under commandment, and that na interpryse nor worthie militarie actioun can be undertane and effectuall be a confusit and disorderit multitude, and the saidis estaittis, finding it alvyis maist necessair and expedient for the honour of the cuntrey and suirtie of his majestie quhen he salhappin to haif ado in the challenge of his birthrycht, that his majestie salbe assurit of sum speciall number in ordour and under discipline and commandement quha salbe reddy to be imployit in service as the occasoun and necessitie sall requyre, thairfoir the kingis majestie and estaittis gevis power and commissioun to Johnne, erle of Mar, Robert, lord Seytoun, Schir Johnne Carmichaell of that Ilk, Schir Williame Stewart of Tracquair, knycht, [...] Lermonth of Bacolmie, Schir James Melvill of Halhill, Capitane Forrestar, Capitane Williame Murray and Colonall Barthilmo Balfour, or ony sex of thame, to convene and meit at sic tymes and placeis as they sall think expedient, and thair to ressoun, confer and treate upoun this mater and to propone and mak overturis thairanent; and that thai haif the samyn reddy in writ to be gevin in to the nixt conventioun of the estaittis, to be ressavit and allowit be thame as accordis.

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