Act discharging the prenting and venting of anie books not revised be the secretar

The kingis majestie and his estaittis presentlie convenit, considdering that in all weill governit commounwelthis it is expreslie prohibite that ony subject tak upone hand to writ, prent or publische ony buiks in quhatsoevir discipline or science, bot speciallie invectives or libellis defamatoreis, croniclis, historeis or annallis to the prejudice ather of the present state, ignominie or disgrace of the ageis past without his majesteis licence had and obtenit thairto; and that the saidis buikis be first revised be sic as his majestie appointis to that effect, and the allowance thairof testifeit be thair attestatioun in the beginning of the buik proporting his majesties consent, the small regaird quhairoff hes bred na litle prejudice to all degreis within this realme. For remeid quhairof, it is statute and ordanit that na persone of quhatsumevir rank, degrie or calling presume or tak upone hand to write, publische, prent or sett out ony maner of buik, libell defamatoir, invective, cronicle, annallis or historie without his majesteis licence had and obtenit thairto; and that na sort of buik be prented, publischt nor sett out within this realme, nor na new buik quhilk may in onyway concerne the present estate, historie or cronicle of tyme past or present aige, being prented without the realme, be brocht within the same or sauld quhill thai be first sene and revised be his majesteis secretair and his attestatioun premittit thairto according to the lovable custume reisavit in all utheris civile nationis. Certifeing thame quha dois in the contrair, thay salbe punist to the deid, thair haill guidis confiscat to his majesties behuif and, gif thair buikis contene ony mater of tressone, the cryme thairof salbe with all rigour prosequute aganis thame.

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