Act anent great salt

Oure soverane lord and estaittis presentlie convenit ratifies, apprevis and confermis the act of counsall maid and grantit in favouris of Eustachius Rooghe, Flemyng, for making of greit salt within this realme, with the gift of the comptrollarie of the same grantit be his hienes gift under the prive seill to Williame, commendater of Pettinweme, in the haill heidis, pointis and articles of the same; and ordanis the said act to haif the strenth and effect of ane sufficient securitie to thame quhill the nixt parliament, at quhilk tyme oure soverane lord and estaittis hes promeist to caus the same be ratifiet in parliament, off the quhilk the tennour followis: Apud Edinburgh, decimo nono Junii anno Domini millesimo quingentesimo nonagesimo nono. Forsamekill as the inventioun of making of greit salt within this realme, found out be Eustachius Rooge, Fleming, is not onlie ane singulare benefite to the commounwealth and haill lieges thairof, bot be all apperance sall augment and increase his hienes rent and revenewis in ane greit quantitie; and the said Eustachius, alreddy haifing gevin upoun his awin charges ane perfyte assay of the same, and that now the wark itself can be in na measoure brocht to ony perfectioun without greit charges and expenses, quhilkis his majestie, being nawayes of mynd presentlie to advance, thairfoir the said Eustachius, for signifeing of his reddines to his majesties service and advancement of his hienes profeit, hes intendit for begynning of the said wark to tak upoun profeit the soume of tuentie thousand pundis, and that for compleitting and furneissing of tua salt pannis for making of the said greit salt. And becaus the personis, alsueill Scottismen as strangearis, quha will in onywayes advance the said money for profeit will nawayes becontent of ten of the hundreth for the yeirlie profeit of the same, and that gif ony forder be gevin for the said money, the same mon be rebaittit and defalkit of the reddiest profeit of the saidis pannis, thairfoir the lordis of his hienes secreit counsall hes declairit and ordanit that of the first and reddiest of the profeit of the saidis pannis to be biggit as said is, not onlie sall the annualrent of the said soume be payit according as it cumis to ten for ilk hundreth, bot also they haif gevin and grantit to the said Eustachius the soume of ten schillingis of ilk boll salt that salhappin to be maid, and that for satisfeing of his creditouris and sic as he sall tak money of in the superplus of the profeit of thair money to be craveit be thame; and that ay and quhill ather the saidis soumes that salbe first tane on be releisit be the frie profeit to be gottin be his majestie of the said pannis or than the samin soume payit be his majesties self. Lyke as the lordis of his hienes counsall be thir presentis declairis that sic as will advance money to this present act, notwithstanding of the act of parliament, sall nawayes incur ony danger or inconvenient albeit thai tak grettar profeit thairfoir nor is prescryvit be the said act. And becaus his majesties profeit wilbe augmentit according as the nowmer of the pannis sall increse, and the bestowing of the frie profeit to be had of the saidis tua pannis being allanerlie employit to the fordering of uther tua pannis will double the rent his majestie sall acquyre be the saidis tua pannis, thairfoir it is concludit be the saidis lordis of counsall that the frie profeit that salbe had thairof the said tua first pannis salbe warit and bestowit haillilie to the bigging and accomplisching of uther tua pannis, and na part of the same salbe in ony maner of way assignit, disponit or gevin away to ony persone quhatsumever or to ony uther use. And siclike thair is speciall allowance grantit to the said Eustachius for his service and onwaitting in setting fordward the said wark fra the tyme that he sall enter to the bigging of the pannis unto the four compleit pannis be furneist, daylie and ilk day for the sustentatioun of him, his horse and servandis the soume of threttie schillingis to be payit of the reddiest of the profeit of the saidis pannis, quhilk the saidis lordis hes apointit to be allowit in the comptis of the saidis salt pannis quhensoever the samin salhappin to be hard; and quhensoever the saidis four salt pannis salbe accomplischit, than and in that cais the said daylie allowace gevin to the said Eustachius salbe thairefter dischargit and he sall haif recourse to the tent part of the just profeit aggriet be contract betuix his majestie and the said Eustachius, as the said contract of the dait the [...] day of August jM vC fourscoir aucht yeiris beiris; and siclike efter the finishing of the saidis four pannis, the profeit of the same partlie salbe employit to the bigging of ma pannis for augmenting of his hienes rent be they meinis and partlie for defraying of his hienes uther honourabill charges and expenses, alwayes of the first and reddiest of the profeit thairof the annuelrent of the first money advancit salbe yeirlie payit quhill his majestie redeme the same be payment of the principall sowme. And forder it is ordanit that yeirlie in the moneth of Julii thair be ane compt gevin to the lordis auditouris of the chekker of the haill ressait and debursingis in the said mater, and the said Eustachius compt and the uther, quhilk is to be keipit be ane speciall man to be apointit be his majestie to that effect, salbe comptrollit be the compt of thair intromissoun to be gevin in be Williame, commendater of Pettinueme, comptroller of the saidis salt pannis, to quhome thair salbe allowit for his serrvice in the said office of comptrollarie the soume of fourtie schillingis for ilk chalder salt that salhappin to be maid during all the yeiris contenit in his gift maid to him of the said office of comptrollarie; the quhilk gift of comptrollarie of the saidis salt pannis grantit to him be his majestie the saidis lordis ratifies, apprevis and confermis the same in all pointis, and hes apointit the said Williame, comendater of Pettinueme to be present be himself or his deputtis yeirlie in the moneth of Julii quhen as the comptis of the saidis salt pannis salbe ressavit and hard, and thair to produce ane sufficient compt to comptroll the charge and discharge to be producit for the part of the said Eustachius. And last it is apointit that na part of the profeit of the saidis salt pannis sall in ony wayes be bestowit (exceptand the ordiner fies and allowances) bot to the bigging and perfyting of uther pannis quhill thai extend to the nowmer of four pannis; and efter thai four pannis be finischit, the rent of the same to be weill manageit in making of ma for his majesties grettare proffeit, and the rest as it may be spairit fra that use to the defraying of his hienes necessair expenses. It being alwayes rememberit, lyke as the lordis of counsall presentlie declairis that efter the perfyting of four of the saidis pannis, the thrid of the haill frie profeit of the same sall appertene and salbe assignit to the said Williame, commendater of Pettinueme for payment of his superexpenses restand to him be his majestie, conforme to his fuittit compt extending to the soume of tuentie fyve thousand pundis; quhilk soume being satisfiet be the said thrid, the said commendater salhaif na forder intromissioun except samekill as is allowit to him for dischargeing of his office.

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