Act anent the Lewis adventurars

Oure soverane lord and estaittis presentlie convenit, considdering that the barronis and gentilmen venturaris, contracteris with his majestie for conqueising of the Lewis, ar new reddy to depart to prosequute and follow furth thair entirpryse, importing not onlie ane singular benefite to his majestie in augmenting of the rent of his hienes patrimonie and crown, bot also is likelie to be ane guid meane and instrument of establisching of peace, quietnes and obedience in thais partis and utheris boundis nixt adjiacent to the same be ruiting out of the barbarous inhabitantis, occupiaris of the samyn of befoir, void of all religioun and humanitie; and seing the said interpryse can not be sufficientlie accomplisched without the saidis baronis and gentilmen venturaris pas thair in proper persone with sufficient nowmer of uther gentilmen and followaris quha may be ane powar efter the conqueis of the same to retene and hald the possesioun thairof, at the leist thair presence efter thair arryvall wilbe very necessair for ane certane space thairefter; and quhair in the counsall haldin the sevint of Julii last thair was grantit to the said gentilmen venturaris ane exemptioun and dispensatioun in thair awin personis fra all and quhatsumevir actionis and causes to be intentit and persewit aganis thame for the space of ane yeir after thair arryvell; and now in this present conventioun the saidis gentilmen venturaris, craveing of his majestie and estaitis presentlie convenit thair said exemptioun and supersedere to be amplifiet and to be grantit, alsueill to thameselves as to thair followaris, and alsueill for causes to be intentit as alreddie intentit, oure soverane lord and estaittis, feiring that under the pretext of the said supersedere gif the same was grantit, as is presenltie craveit, thair micht be inferrit ane greit prejudice to sindrie of his hienes lieges insafar as the saidis gentilmen adventuraris and thair followaris, sufferring thair names to be usit in actionis and causes quhairin they haif na entres thame selffis, be that fraude and subterfuge process, may be dilayit and parties frustrat of justice, the saidis estaittis has requeistit his hienes maist humelie to deall with the senatouris of the college of justice immediatlie efter the dounsitting of the sessioun and be thair speciall advyse and counsall to conclude howfar the said supersedere and exemptioun grantit to thame of befoir may be amplifiet and enlargit without the defraude of his hienes subjectis and of thair just and lauchfull persutes. And quhatever beis concludit be his hienes, with advyss foirsaid, the saidis estaitis declairis that the samin salbe haldin ferme and stable and haif the like strenth, force and affect of ane act of this present conventioun.

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