Act against non communicants

Forsamekle as be diverse and sindrie lovable actis of parliament maid be his hienes and his umquhile mother of gude memorie sen the reformatioun of the religioun, it is statute and ordanit that all his hienes subjectis suld imbrace the religioun presentlie profest, alsweill be heiring of the word as participatioun of the sacramentis. Notwithstanding quhairof, sindrie personis within this realme absteinis fra the ressaveing of the communioun and Lordis supper, pretending ane excuis of the rancour and malice thay haif in thair myndis aganis sum of thair nychtbouris, beiring thame at deidlie feid, alleging sua lang as the samyn rancour continewis with thame and thay nawyis conceillit with thair saidis nychtbouris, they can not worthelie ressave the said sacrament nor can not justlie be burdenit with the ministrie to do the same; quhilk pretendit excuise is nathing bot ane cullour and clok to cover thair papistrie, quhilk is the onlie caus of thair absteining to communicate. And in sua far as be actis of generall assemblie it is fundin that deidlie feid can be na lauchfull caus quhy ony persoun suld debar himself from the seillis and sacramentis of his comunioun with Chryst, thairfoir his hienes, with avyse of his estaitis presentlie convenit, hes statute and ordanit that all his hienes subjectis sall communicate anis everie yeir and sall nawyis pretend ony excuise of deidlie feid, rancour or malice to appeir towardis thair nychtbouris; and quhomever it salhappin to abstene or to debar himself fra participatioun of the said sacrament upoun the pretense of the said excuis or for ony uther caus quhatsumever, thay being first lauchfullie requyrit be thair pastouris or presbitries to do the samyn, that than they salbe astrictit and oblist to pay the particular penalties underwrittin injoynit to thame and that to his hienes thesaurare, that is to say everie erle sa oft as he sall contravene the premises ane thowsand pundis, everie lord ane thowsand merkis, everie barroun fyve hundreth pundis, everie friehalder thrie hundreth merkis, everie yeaman fourtie pundis and everie burges according to the modificatioun of the kingis majestie and lordis of secreit counsall; quhilkis panes the saidis estaitis hes ordanit oure soverane lord, his thesaurare, to exact with all extremitie aganis the contraveinaris heirof, and to uplift and intromet thairwith to his hienes use. And als his majestie and estaitis hes promeist to caus ratifie thir presentis in the nixt parliament to pas in ane publict law in all tyme heirefter.

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