Aganis the Laird of Johnestoun

Oure soverane lord and estaitis presentlie convenit, haifing considerit the complaint and suplicatioun gevin in be the subjectis inhabitantis within the boundis of Niddisdaill, Annandaill and uther pairtis of the west bordour beiring in effect that quhair it is not unknawin to his majestie and lordis of counsall quhat grit, odious and detestabill slauchteris, murthuris, bluidschedis and enormiteis hes bene perpetrat and committit be the laird of Johnnestoun, his name, kyn and freindis, haveing first maist crewallie and unmercifullie slane and murtherit umquhile Johnne, lord Maxwell, his hienes lieutennent and officiar for the tyme, with the laird of Nather Pook and sindrie utheris barrounis and gentilmen to the number of threttie or fourtie, nixt a grit number of honest men of the Sanquhar, with sindrie gentilmen and utheris sensyne, to the grit contempt of God, his majestie, all forme of law and justice and the troubill of the quyet estait of the cuntrey; and how that the said laird continewis still in prosequuting a maist wyld and bludie course without respect of assurance, ayth or promeis or reserveing of ony dewtie toward God, his majestie or mutuall luif and cheritie towardis his nychtbour, quhais detestabill misbehaviour and unhonest forme of lyffe the saidis subjectis at this tyme of conventioun, haifing thocht meit to complene of and aggravate to his majestie and estaitis presentlie convenit for the better rememberance and manifestatioun thairof, and althocht his hienes be sufficientlie perswadit thairof and detestis and abhoiris sic crueltie, bluidschede and insolence as becumis a godlie prince and soverane wald wische alwyis the punischment thairof, yit sum personis about his majestie and utheris nocht regairding his majesties honour nor weill ceissis nocht to travell and interceid in favour of the said Laird of Johnnestoun, being thairwith as his majestie and estaitis knawis declairit be act of counsall laitlie perjurit, defameit and unworthie of credite, honour or estimatioun for his foul and traterous brek of assurance. Thairfoir his majestie, with avyse of the estaitis foirsaidis, hes be thir presentis expreslie dischargit and inhibit all his majesties subjectis to ressave, supplie, fortifie, assist, intercommoun, schaw favour, interceid, travell or intercommoun with the said laird of Johnnestoun in ony sorte as thay wilbe answerable to his majestie upoun thair obedience at thair heichest charge and perrell, certifeing thame that contravenis the same that thay sall incur his hienes indignatioun and salbe punischit with all rigour to the terrifeing of utheris to do the lyke. Sic subscribitur, James R[ex].

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