Procedure: protest
Protestatioun maid be Schir Robert Melvill

In presence of the kingis majestie and estaitis presentlie convenit compeirit Schir Robert Melvill of Murdocairnie and protestit that quhatever conditioun wes maid of the cunyiehous to Thomas Fowllis, or any uther conditioun or ordour maid to any uther persoun for payment of thair debtis, sall nawyis be hurtfull nor prejudiciall to the said Schir Robert anent the payment of the debtis auchtand to him be his majestie or thesaurare, bot that the thesaurare remane debtour to him according to the particular conditioun set doun in the counsall betuix the thesaurare and the said Schir Robert, unto the quhilk act that thir presentis sall nawyis dirogate in ony point. The quhilk protestatioun oure said soverane lord and estaitis admittit.

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