Anent ordour to be tane with rebellis

Oure soverane lord and estaitis, for remeid of the universall contempt and rebellioun of sic as remanis at the horne but feir of God or reverence of justice, statutis and ordanis that forsamekle as thair is mony lovable actis of parliament maid aganis the foirsaid rebellioun, and that laik of executioun of the saidis lawis hes bred the foirsaid contempt, that thairfoir everie schiref, baillie, stewart and uther magistrate put with all rigour the saidis lawis in executioun aganis the saidis rebellis but respect of personis, and ordanis the thesaurare to do exact diligence in recovering declaratour, wairding thair personis, detaining thair houses and appryseing thair landis and heritages with all rigour for thair dissobedience. Sic subscribitur, James Rex.

  1. NAS, PA8/1, f.3r. Back
  2. Alternative title of 'Act against rebells' written in the margin. Back