Ane act anent copper cunyie

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament ratefeis, apprivis and confirmis this act underwrittin maid at Dundie, the xiij day of Maii jM vC fourscoir sevintene yeiris, off the quhilk act the tenour followis: Apud Dundie, xiij Maii anno etc. lxxxxvij yeris. The kingis majestie, with avise of his nobilitie, counsall and esteatis presentlie convenit, considering how that be the grite scairsitie of small penneyis presentlie current within this realme not onlie is the exchange of gold and silver and of all uther sortis of wairis and merchandise quhilkis commounlie hes bene intertenyit amangis his hienes subjectis gritlie impedit and hinderit, bot the pure commoun people quhais indigence and miserie hes bene relevit be the suport and conforte quhilk oftymes thay rassave be the liberaletie of sic as wer movit to pitie thair estaite hurte and prejugit, and the said exchange liklie with tyme altogidder to deycay to the grite hurt of the commoun weill gif tymous remeid be not providit. And thairfoir his majestie, being movit of pitie and commiseratioun towardis the pure without respect to ony profeit and commodetie to redound to his hienes (as indeid his majestie nather seikis nor gettis na kynd of commodetie be the cunyie following), hes, with avise of his nobilitie, counsall and estaitis, thocht meit, concludit and resolvit that thair salbe ane hundreth stane wecht of copper unmixt with ony uthair kynd of mettall wrocht and forget in ane mile, and be the said mile maid reddie to the prenting eftir the accustumet forme of his majesties cunyiehous with pyle and cursell quhar that the same be not conterfit, for making of the said exchange and releif of the indigence and miserie of the pure in penny and tua peny peicis, ilk tua penie peice wyand thre denneiris and ilk penie peice weyand ane denneir, tuelff granes, quhairof threscoir foure peceis of the said tua penny peicis to be in the merk wecht, with tua of the said tua peny peicis of remeid of wecht, alsueill have as licht on the merk wecht thairof, and sex scoir aucht pece of the saidis peney peces to be in the merk wecht with four of the saidis peny pecis of remeid of wecht, alsueill heave as licht, on the merk wecht of the samin, haveing on the ane syde the kingis face, bair heidit, with this circumscriptioun: 'Jacobus 6 D. G. R. Scotorum', and on the uther syde, thre thrissillis distinct, with this circumscriptioun: 'Oppidum Edinburgi', and the saidis spaces to have course amangis his hienes liegis for tua pennyis and ane penny ilk pece. Be it alwayis undirstand that nane of his majesties subjectis salbe astrictit to ressave the said kynd of copper money in payment of debtis or uthairis blokis, wairis or marchandice abone the valu of tuelff pennyis ilk pund and sua furth pro rata of all soumes grite and small; and ordanes lettrez to be direct chairgeing officiaris of armes to pas and mak publicatiounheirof be oppin proclamatioun at the marcat croceis of the heid barrowis of this realme and utheris placis neidfull, quhairthrow nane pretend ignorance of the samin; and to command and charge all his hienes liegis to ressave the said copper peceis in payment of all blokis, debtis, waris and marchandice in maner foirsaid, and on nawise to refuis the samin undir quhatsumevir cullouris or pretenses undir the paine of tressoun, and that the maister cunyeor, wardane, counter wardane and sinkar to the working, forgeing and prenting of the said copper cunyie in maner foirsaid as they will answer to his majestie thairupoun etc.

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  2. From the title of this act to this point in the text, the handwriting briefly reverts to the scratchy hand again then goes back to that immediately preceding. Back
  3. APS interpolation 'proceid'. Back