Anent the new fundatioun of the colledge of auld Abirdene

Oure soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estaitis of this present parliament, ratifeis apprevis the new fundatioun of his majesties colledge of auld Abirdene to be reveist be his hienes commissioneris appointit to that effect, viz: Maister Johnne Lyndesay of Balcarhous, his majesties secretar, Maister James Elphingstoun of Barntoun, ane of the senatouris of his hienes colledge of justice, and Maister David Cunynghame, bischop of Abirdene, in all and sindrie pointis, priviledgis, liberteis, immuniteis, clauses and circumstances thairof quhatsumevir eftir the forme and tennour of the samyn, and ordanis his majesties clerk of registrie to ressave the said fundatioun and to extend ane act of parliament thairupoun in the mair forme, with extensioun of all clauses neidfull.

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