Ratificatioun to Andro, lord Dinguell

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament, haveing sene and considerit the letteris of pensioun maid, gevin and grantit be his majestie under the privie seall, after his perfyte aige of tuentie fyve yeiris compleit, to his trest cousing Andro, lord Dinguell, during all the dayis of his lyvetyme, of all and haill ane yeirlie pensioun of ane thousand pundis money of this realme, to haif bene and to be yeirlie upliftit furthe of the reddiest of the mailles, fermes, proffeitis and dewteis of his majesteis propertie; and, for sure payment thairof, assignand and disponand to the said Andro, lord Dinguell yeirlie during the said space the haill silver dewteis, mailles, fermes, caynis, customes and dewteis of the landis and lordship of Dinguell comprehendand the townis, landis, mylnis, fisheingis and uthairis thairof specifiit at mair lenthe in the chartour of fewferme gevin and grantit be oure said soverane lord under the great seall to his said trest cousing and his airis upoun the said lordship of Dinguell, as the said letter of pensioun maid and grantit thairupon of the dait at Halyrudhous, the aucht day of Januar the yeir of God ane thousand fyve hundrethe fourscoir ellevin yeiris at mair lenthe proportis. And oure said soverane lord, with the estaitis foirsaidis, haveing now sufficientlie tryit and considerit in this perliament the causes specifiit in the saidis letteris of pensioun for the quhilk the samin was maid and grantit, and namlie the said Andro, lord Dinguellis gud, trew, honorable and faythfull servicis thairin mentionat done, alsweill within this realme as in forane nationis without the samin, in oure said soverane lordis maist honorable and wechtie effairis, speciallie in his maist honorable mariage with the quenis majestie, his derrest spous, within the realme of Denmerk, hes now fundin and declarit and be thir presentis findis, decernis and declaris the samin, with the uther causes specifiit in the saidis letteris of pensioun, to haif bene and to be of treuthe and that the samin, with the said Lord Dinguellis continewance in the lyk trew, thankfull and honourabill servicis and uthair gud causes and plesouris done be him to oure said soverane lord, alsweill within this realme as in forane nationis, to haif bene and to be sene cause tending to the advancement of his majesteis honour and to the proffeit of this realme. Thairfoir, and for sindrie uthair gud causes and considerationis, oure soverane lord and estaitis abonementionat, be the tenour heirof, ratefeis, confirmis and approvis the saidis letteris of pensioun in all poyntis, clauses and contentis thairof, and findis, decernis and declaris the samin to haif bene lauchfullie maid and grantit and to haif bene ay from the begyning and to be in all tymis cumming during the said space gud, valid, sufficient and effectuall rycht and title to the said Andro, lord Dinguell for bruiking, joysing, possessing, uplifting and disponing to his awin commoditie of all and haill the said yeirlie pensioun abonedesignit and of all and sindrie the saidis mailles, fermes, caynis, customes and dewteis of the saidis landis and lordship of Dinguell, with the fisheingis, pertinentis and uthairis thairof mentionat in the said infeftment of fewferme assignit in sure payment of the said yeirlie pensioun yeirlie and termelie, alsweill of all yeiris bigane safar as is nocht alreddie uptakin be oure soverane lordis comptroller and applyit to his majesteis awin proper use, as of all yeiris and termes to cum during the said Andro, lord Dinguellis lyvetyme allanerlie; and that notwithstanding of quhatsumevir actis of anexatioun, uther actis of parliament or secreit counsale, lawis, statutis, decisionis and proclamationis maid or to be maid in the contrair, with the quhilkis his majestie and estaitis foirsaid dispensis for evir be this present act.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.77r. Back