Act in favour of the brughe of Abirdene

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament ratefeis, apprevis and confirmis the twa acquittanceis and dishargis gevin be his majestie, with advyis of his hienes comptroller and lordis of secreit counsale, to the toun of Abirdene upoun the payment of aucht thousand pundis, quhilk was deliverit to tham of the tocher of his majesteis derrest spous, the quenis grace, and quhilk thai had for annuell and proffeit, togidder with the proffeit of the samin aucht thousand pundis of all yeiris and termes bipast, as the samin acquittancis and dishargis in tham selffis mair amplie beris, the ane thairof being of the dait the fyift day of Juni the yeir of God fourscoir fourtene yeiris and the uthair thairof being of the dait the last day of Julii thairefter the samin yeir; and decernis and ordanis that this present act of ratificatioun foirsaid salbe als valiable and effectuall for that effect as gif the saidis twa acquittanceis and dishargis war insert and ingrossit everie word heirintill, and ordanis ane act of parliament to be maid and formit heirupoun.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.75v. Back