Act in favour of the Bishop of Brechin

Oure soverane lord, being movit with the afauld and faythfull service done unto his hienes be ane reverend father in God, Alexander, bishop of Brechin, and thairwitheall considering that albeit the haill temporall landis quhilk pertenit to the bishoprikis, abbaceis and uthair benefices within this realme be now annexit to the crown and unit and incorporat with the rest of his hienes propertie, nevirtheles it was nocht his majesteis intentioun nor of the estaitis at the tyme of the annexatioun of the saidis temporall landis that the present titularis and possessoris of the benefices quhairunto the saidis landis did appertene suld in onywayis be prejudgit or damnefeit in thair yeirlie rentis and casualiteis, bot that thai and ilk ane of tham suld in all peax and quyetnes bruik, joys and intromet and uptak all and haill thair fruittis, rentis, proffeitis and casualiteis quhatsumevir in als frie and peceable maner as thai did joys the samin befoir the said anexatioun of the temporall landis; thairfoir his hienes, with advyis of the three estaitis of this present parliament, hes gevin, grantit and disponit unto the said reverend father the superioritie of all and haill the temporall landis quhilk pertenit to the bishoprik of Brechin during all the dayis of his lyvetyme, with powar to the said reverend father during the space foirsaid to enter the tennentis of the saidis landis, ressave thair gersunis and uthair dewteis in als frie and semeable maner as the said reverend father was in use of befoir the said annexatioun, quhilk salbe als valid and sufficient to the tennentis and uthairis that salbe enterit be the said reverend father during the space foirsaid as gif the samin war done be ane precept direct furthe of his hienes chancellarie in all respectis.

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