Great burne coill suld nocht be transportit furthe of this realme

Oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament ratefeis, apprivis and confirmis the act maid at Dundie, the xiij day of Maii the yeir of God jM vC nyntie sevin yeris anent the transporting of coillis furthe of this realme, off the quhilk the tennour followis: Forsameikle as it is understand to the kingis majestie, his nobilitie, counsale and estaitis presentlie covenit that the great burne coillis ar commounlie transportit furthe of this realme be diverse and sindre personis quha at all tymis ladynis thair shippis and uthairis veshellis thairwithe and transportis the same at thair plesure, usand the samin as ane commown tred togidder without his majesteis licence or permissioun, to the great hurt of the commown weill and expreslie aganis his hienes lawis, actis of parliament and sindre proclamationis maid in the contrare. For remeid quhairof in tymecumming, his majestie, with advyis of the saidis nobilitie, counsale and estatis foirsaidis, statutis and ordanis that na personis, alsweill strangeris as uthairis borne subjectis of this realme, tak upoun hand to transsport ony great burne coill furthe of this realme at ony tyme heirefter, nor yit ladin thair shippis, crearis or utheris vessellis thairwithe to be transportit as said is under the pane of confiscatioun of the same coillis, shippis, crearris and uthairis veshellis to his majesteis use; certifeing thame and thay do in the contrair, that the samin coillis, shippis, crearis and veshellis salbe confiscat and intromettit withe with all rigour and extremitie in exemple of uthairis, and to this effect that all provestis and bailleis of the saidis burrowis, custumaris and sercheouris quhatsumevir sall serche, seik, tak and apprehend all and sindrie personis, controvenaris thairof, keip and caus retene thair personis in ward within thair towbuthis, fenshe and arreist thair shippis, crearis and veshellis, tak the saillis fra the rais and keip thame under areistment at his majesteis instance quhairthrou they depert nocht, notiefeand thair names to his hienes that his majestie may gif further directioun towartis tham as appertenis, as the saidis provestis, bailleis, custumaris and sercheoris will answer to his majestie upon thair office and obedience. The quhilk act oure said soverane lord and estaitis foirsaidis ordanis to stand as ane law in all tym cumming.

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