Anent dispositioun of the kingis castellis and certane utheris pertis of the annexit propertie

Item, it is decernit and declarit that all heretable alienationis of fewferme or utherwayis assedationis, rentellis, pensionis, giftis and dispositionis quhatsumevir maid and gevin be his hienes or ony of his predicessoris of his majesteis paliceis, castellis, parkis, medowis, coilheuchis and uthairis underwrittin, they ar to say of the palice of Halyrudhous and park thairof, palice of Lynlythgw, park and coill thairof, palice of Falkland, coill, park and lowmondis thairof, castell of Striviling, parkis and wardis thairof, and of the Torwod, castell of Dunbartane, with the landis and manes adijcent thairto, castell of Blaknes and generallie of all and quhatsumevir castellis, parkis, medowis, coilheuchis and uthairis of his majesteis annexit propertie, ar null and of nane availl, force nor effect fra the begyning be way of actioun or exceptioun.

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