Proclamation: testifying the good success of the convention
Proclamatioun testifeing the gude succes of this conventioun

The kingis majestie, his nobilitie, counsaill and esteatis presentlie convenit, considering how it hes pleisit God to gif ane gude and happy success to this present conventioun be moving the hairtis and myndis of his saidis nobilitie and esteatis, with the ministerie of the kirk now present with his hienes, to unitie and concord, and the same ministerie to yeild and aggrie to certane heidis and articlis proponit be his majestie tending alwayes to the glorie of God, suirtie of his hienes persone and estate and commounwele, peace and quietnes of the cuntrey; as indeid his majestie hes found sic a willing mynd in the same ministerie cheiflie at this tyme for this purpois as his hienes could have wisheit, lyke as thay have found thame selffis fullie satisfeit for his majesteis parte in all thingis quhairof thay stude in doubt or that be the misreporte of restles spiritis they wer wrangouslie informed of, his majestie and the saidis ministerie, haveing alwayes concludit that at the nixt assemblie of the same ministerie, appointit to be within the burgh of Dundee in the moneth of Maii nixttocum, to proceid in the resolutioun of the rest of the heidis and articlis quhilkis ar superseidit to that tyme, and swa within schorte space to sett doun, Godwilling, with commoun consent, sic a solide and perfyte ordour in his estate as all contentioun and stryffe quhilkis heirtofoir fra tyme to tyme hes intervenit salbe altogidder aboleist and gude ordour and obediens of all his subjectis professit and procuirit in sic sorte as all malicious, seditious and unquiet spiritis seiking occasioun of trouble and unquietnes sall alwayes find thame selffis disapointit of thair expectatioun. Lyke as his majestie, for the forder declaratioun of his gudivill to all the ministerie quha profeses his obediens, hes takin and be thir presentis takis thame, thair wyffis, bairnis, familie, guidis, geir and possessionis undir his hienes speciale mantenance, protectioun and defens, tobe unhurte, unmolestit, troublit, invadit or onywayes damnifeit or hurte in thair lauchfull calling or uthirwayes undir quhatsumevir cullour or pretens heireftir. And to the effect nane sall pretend ignorance thairof, ordanis lettres tobe direct to mak publicatioun of the premises, as alsua of the speciall heidis and articlis presentlie aggreit upoun, to all and sindrie his hienes liegis be oppin proclamatioun at the mercat croceis of the heid burrowis of this realme and uthiris placeis neidfull; and als to signifie and declair to all his gude subjectis, as presentlie his hienes hes declairit to the said ministerie, that as his hienes principall cair and affectioun is and hes bene to the glorie of God and the mantenance of the trew religioun, with the preservatioun of the same ministerie frome all kynd of violence in thair lauchfull calling, quhilk religioun his hienes profeses with his haill hairt and, God willing, sall mantene with all his pouer to his lyveis end, sa sall not his majestie suffir ony uther name, kirk or religioun tobe professit bot the name and religioun of oure maister and saviour, Christ Jesus, ressavit and establissit be his hienes lawis, detesting and abhorring all kynd of idolatrie, superstitioun, papistrie or uther infidelitie quhatsumevir; and thairfoir to command and charge all the saidis liegis to conforme thame selffis to the said trew religioun and discipline presentlie establissit be his hienes, his counsaill, esteatis and ministerie foirsaid, and on nawayes tak upoun hand to vex, trouble, molest or inquiet ony of the saidis ministerie in thair lauchfull calling, or thair wyffis, bairnis or familie be way of deid, or yit to do or attempt ony thing tending to the violatioun of his hienes protectioun foirsaid in ony pairt, undir quhatsumevir cullour or pretens as thay will ansuer to his hienes upoun thair obediens, at thair uttermost charge and perrell and undir all hiest pane, cryme and offens that thay may committ and inrin aganis his majestie in that behalff. Certifeing thame and they do in the contrair, that quhatsumevir hurte or inconvenient they sall sustene thairthrou, that his majestie will compt and esteme the same as done aganis his hienes selff and sua wilbe cairfull to see the same punist accordinglie. And siclik to command and charge all and sindrie papistis, Jesuitis and excommunicat personis presentlie remaning within this realme (exceptand allanarlie sic personis as ar presentlie in conference and dealing with the kirk for thair satisfactioun, aganis quhome thir presentis sall nawayes be extendit nor na uther executioun tobe movit aganis thame unto the tyme thay satisfie the kirk, or, for thair obstinacie, be gevin over be his majestie and the saidis ministerie as personis in quhome thair is na hoip of amendment and satisfactioun), to departe furth of this realme to the pairtis beyond sey betuix and the first day of Junij nixttocum, or ellis to satisfie the kirk afoir the same day according to the ordour observit in sic caises, undir the pane tobe persewit and punist according to his hienes lawis, actis and proclamationis maid thairanent. Certifieing thame and thay failyie, thay salbe takin, apprehendit and punist with all rigour and extremitie; and to this effect, to command all schireffis, steuartis, provestis and baillies of burrowis and baillies of regaliteis and thair deputis to serche, seik and tak all the saidis papistis, Jesuitis and excomunicat personis quhilkis salbe foundin remaning within this realme eftir the day foirsaid (except befoir exceptit), bring and present thame befoir his majestie and counsale tobe punist for thair demereitis conforme to the lawis and actis of parliament maid thairanent. Certifeing the saidis schireffis, stewartis, provestis and baillies foirsaidis and thay failyie, that thay salbe lykwayes persewit and punist with the lyke rigour and extremitie without favuour.

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