Act anent the registratioun of hoirningis etc.

The kingis majestie, with avyse of his nobilitie, counsale and esteatis presentlie convenit, considering how creditouris haveing denunceit personis and craving thair hoirningis tobe registrat in the schireff buikis quhair the saidis denunciationis wes maid, the same hes bene refuised be ane grite noumer of the saidis schireff clarkis, quhen as the saidis personis denunceit ar ather neir of blude or allayis to the schireff of the said shyre. Upoun the quhilk refusaill, the pairteis in tyme bigane, usaris of the saidis lettres of hoirning, hes allanarlie tane instrumentis nawayes suteing the same tobe registrat in ony uthiris buikis quhatsumever, quhairby his majestie is verie far defraudit, not being able to knawe or undirstand of the saidis pairteis denunciatioun be ressoun the same is nawise [...]; and thaireftir the said pairtie, usair of the saidis lettres, and the personis denunceit aggree, thay distroy the saidis lettres of hoirning onlie to the effect his majestie be defraudit of thair escheitis. For remeid quhairof, his majestie, with avise foirsaid, statutis and ordanis that all sic hoirningis quhilkis ar refuisit be the saidis schireff clarkis tobe registrat as said is salbe immediatlie (eftir that instrumentis be tane of the said refusaill) brocht to the clark of register and his deputis tobe registrat in the buikis of counsaill and sessioun or then to the nixt schireff buikis of the shyre lyand maist neir and adjacent to the said schirefdome, and that at the optioun of the pairtie, usair of the saidis lettrez of hoirning, to the effect the saidis personis denunciatioun may be the bettir knawne to his hienes thesaurair and advocat, that his majestie be nawayes defraudit of thair escheitis. And declairis that the saidis hoirningis, nochtwithstanding that thay reporte the said instrument of refusaill, salbe of na force, strenth nor effect without the same hoirning, with the instrument of refusaill, be registrat in the saidis buikis of counsale or then in the saidis schireff buikis within the space of ane moneth nixteftir the date of the said instrument of refusaill. And ordanis lettrez of publicatioun tobe direct heirupoun in forme as effeiris.

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