Procedure: representation from the commissioners of the kirk
The ansuer of the commissionaris of the kirk anent the lauchfulnes of thair assemblie etc.

The quhilk day Schir Johnne Cokburne of Ormestoun, knicht, his hienes justice clark, and Maister Edward Bruce, commendatair of Kinlos, being direct frome his majestie, his nobilitie, counsall and esteatis presentlie convenit to the commissionaris of the presbitereis of the kirk, alsua presentlie convenit, craving thair answer upoun the lauchfulnes of thair assemblie and gif thay wer authorised with commissioun frome thair saidis prisbitereis to heir sic thingis as his hienes had to propone, and to gif ansuer, treate and conclude thairupoun, the said justice clark and commendatar foirsaid returnit and reportit thair ansuer in write as followis: Apud Perth, 3 Martij anno etc. lxxxxvjo. The brethrene present all in ane voce thinkis that this thair generall assemblie is lauchfull be ressoun of his majesteis lettre direct to the prisbitereyis and the prisbitereis commissioun gevin to thame to meit in this town of Perth, and ar willing to heir quhat his majestie sall propone, and to giff ansuer, treate and conclude conforme to the commissionis with the quhilkis thay ar authorized be the prisbitereis. Sic subscribitur, Thomas Nicolson.

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