Act anent the acknawlegeing of the kingis majestie royall power and authoritie

Forsamekle as in oure soverane lordis parliament haldin at Edinburgh the yeir of God jM vC lxxx foure yeiris, his hienes royall power and authoritie abone all esteatis, alsweill spirituall as temporall, within this realme wes ratifeit and approvin in the persone of his majestie, his aris and successouris; and lykwayes it wes statute and ordanit that na persone of quhatsumevir functioun or degree, spirituall or temporall, sould presume or tak upoun hand to declyne his majesteis jugement in ony contumacious, seditious or tressounable speichis utterit be thame in pulpettis, scuillis and uthirwayis, to the disdayne and reproche of his hienes, his progenitouris and counsaill, for the quhilk thay sould be apprehendit, summond or chargeit to ansuer befoir his majestie and counsaill undir the pane of tressoun. For the bettir executioun and obediens of the quhilk act, his majestie, with consent of the lordis of his secreit counsall, sessioun and chekker, presentlie statutis and ordanis that na benefice, pensioun nor assignatioun to ony stipend, nor na proces or uthir benefite of his majesteis lawis, salbe disponit, gevin or grantit to ony subject of this realme of quhatsumevir functioun or degree, spirituall or temporall, or ony sufferrit to brouke or posses the saidis beneficeis, pensionis or assignationis of stipendis quhilkis sall not be thair handwrittis and subscriptioun, first approve, confes and acknaulege his hienes royall pouer abone thame in all causes of seditioun and tressoun and utheris civile and criminale materis, and in all speicheis utterit be thame in pulpettis, scuillis or uthirwayes quhilkis may importe the saidis crymes or ony of thame, and that the saidis pulpettis, scuillis and publict placeis is rather ane occasioun to augment the cryme nor ane pretence and immunitie to eschew his majesteis jugement and tryale thairof. And als statutis and ordanis, with consent foirsaid, that all the beneficeis, assignationis, stipendis and pensionis of all sic quhilkis being lauchfullie chargeit or requirit sall refuise to obey the foirsaid act of parliament and this present act following thairupoun be thair subscriptionis in maner foirsaid, sall vaik ipso facto and be disponit to uthiris quha will declair thame selfis tobe deutifull subjectis to his majestie be thair obediens to the saidis actis. And als that lettres of hoirning upoun ane simpill charge of sax dayis wairning be direct at the advocatis instance for executioun heirof undir the pane of rebellioun etc.; and giff thay failyie, to denunce etc. and to eshete etc. Expreslie commanding the lordis of sessioun and all uthir jugeis within this realme to see and hald hand to the executioun of the foirsaid act of parliament and of this present act following thairupoun and maid for the bettir obediens and executioun thairof, and that thay and ilkane of thame admitt the nullitie foundit upoun the not obediens heirof be way of actioun, exceptioun or reply maist summarlie aganis all quhilkis sall not reporte his majesteis testimoniall of thair full and effectuall obediens of thir presentis. And ordanis lettres tobe direct to mak publicatioun and intimatioun of this present act at all the mercat croceis of the heid burrowis of this realme, and als to be publictlie imprentit, that nane pretend ignorance of the sam.

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  2. 'a: b:' written in darker ink immediately below the title in the margin. Back