Act anent the baptisme of the princesse

The quhilk day the kingis majestie, with avise of his nobilitie, counsall and esteatis presentlie convenit, hes concludit and resolvit that the baptisme of the princesse, his darrest dochter, salbe maid and done within the abbey of Haliruidhous upoun the xxviij day of November nixttocum, and that his majestie and the quene, his darrest bedfellow, sall mak speciall chois of sic personis tobe gossopis and witneses thairunto as they sall think maist meit and convenient. Lyk as hir educatioun and upbringing salbe with sic a nobleman or uthiris quhome they sall nominat and appoint for that eirand. And his saidis nobilitie, counsall and esteatis foirsaidis promittit to honnour, advance and furthsett the said baptisme with thair awne presens and uthir wayes according to thair habilitie and pouer.

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