Legislation: private act
Ratificatioun in favouris of the tennentis of Auchtirmuchtie

The kingis majestie, with avise of his counsale and esteatis presentlie convenit, ratifies, approvis and confermis the act of counsale past upoun the first of October 1589 exemand the tennentis of his majesteis propir landis of Auchtirmuchtie, Newtoun of Falkland, Freuchie, Eister Cashe, Kettle, Kingis Barnis and uthiris, his hienes landis of the lordship and steuartrie of Fyffe, thair airis and successouris, fra all payment of ony taxationis imposit or tobe imposit upoun thame, and fra all contributing with ony uthir esteate of this realme in ony taxationis imposit or tobe imposit upoun thame, in all and sindre pointis, clauses and articlis contenit thairintill, eftir the forme and tennour thairof. And to the effect the said act, with this ratificatioun thairof, may be the mair effectuall, his hienes, with avise of his said counsale and esteatis, ordanis lettrez to be direct to officiaris of armes, schireffis in that parte, to pas and discharge all schireffis, steuartis and officiaris of armes quhatsumevir of all using or executing of ony lettrez aganis the saidis tennentis for ony taxt imposit or that salbe imposit upoun thame at ony tyme heireftir and of thair officeis in that parte. Attour his majestie promittis in the worde of a prince to caus thir presentz be ratifeit in his nixt perliament.

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