Ratificatioun to the Erll of Mar

Oure soverane lord and the estaitis of this present parliament ratifies and apprevis the gift of the office of the keping of the castell of Edinburgh grantit be his majestie to his richt traist cousing and counsellour Johnne, erll of Mar, lord Erskin and Alloway etc., with the assignatioun of the money and wictuall assignit thairin far keping of the said castell etc., in all and sindre pointis, heidis, clauses and conditionis thairin contenit efter the forme and tennour thairof, to the effect the said assignatioun of the wictuall and money abonespecifiit contenit in the said gift appointit for sustentatioun of the said castell and keping thairof may be the mair effectuall. Oure said soverane lord and estaitis revokis, rescindis, cassis and annullis all and quhatsumevir pensionis, giftis, assignationis or ony uther dispositionis quhatsumevir maid be his hienes to the hurt and prejudice of the said assignatioun contenit in the said gift and quhilk may impeid and stay the peceable bruiking, uplifting and intrometting with the said wictuall and money thairin contenit in onywayes, decerning and declaring the samyn pensionis, giftes, assignationis and dispositionis to be null and of nane availl in all tyme cuming.

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