Act in favour of the burgh of Kinghorne

Oure soverane lord, with avise of his estaitis of this present parliament, ratifies, apprevis and confirmis all and quhatsumevir actis and statutis of his hienes burrowis within this realme tending to the beiting and reparatioun of thair wallis, streittis, havynnis and portis, and willis and declaris that thair saidis actis salbe put to executioun be the provest, baillies and magisratis of the saidis burrowis, and speciallie the actis, statutis and ordinances of the burrowis of the coist syd of Fyff maid anant the tuell penneis of everie boit pertening to the saidis burrowis that croces the watter of Forth, quhilk is appointit to be payit to the commoun guid of the saidis burrowis for the reparatioun of thair havynnis and herbreis, and that for the space of fyve yeris nixt efter the dait heirof.

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