Anent payment of the dewtie of the wynes

It is statute and ordanit be oure soverane lord and estaitis of this present parliament that the dewtie grantit be the estaitis to his majestie upoun the wynes be thankfullie payit to his majesties collectour in all tyme cuming, within the space of ten dayes nixt efter thair arryving within this cuntrie; and to this effect, ordanis the provest and baillies of ilk burgh within quhais boundis and jurisdictioun ony wynes sall arryve in tyme cuming to tak sufficient cautioun and souirtie of the merchandis, marinaris and utheris hamebringaris of the saidis wynes, that thay sall thankfullie pay the said dewtie grantit to oure soverane lord thairof within the space foirsaid to his hienes collectouris appointit for ingaddering thairof, and heirupoun ordanis lettrez to be direct (gif neid beis) baith to charge the saidis provest and ballies to tak the said cautioun; as also ather to charge the cautioun or then the hamebringaris at the plesour of the collectour to mak payment of the said dewtie to his hienes within the said ten dayes nixt efter thair arryving within this realme, under the pane of rebellioun. And gif thay failyie thairin, the saidis ten dayes being bypast, to denunce thame rebellis and put thame to the horne, and that thay be not relaxit thairfra unto the tyme thay pay the double of the said dewtie to the collectour for thair contemptioun.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.35r-35v. Back