Auld provest, baillies and counsaill contra the new provest, baillies and counsale of Sanctandrois

Anent oure soverane lordis lettres rased at the instance of the auld provest, baillies and counsale of the citie of Sanctandrois, makand mentioun that quhair laitlie at the tyme of electioun of the magistratis of the said citie, the saidis complenaris, with certane of the maist honnest burgess and inhabitantis thairof, haveing convenit thame selffis in the tolbuith of the same, off intentioun to have procedit to thair ordinair forme of electioun of magistratis according to the actis of burrowis and parliament, appointing the auld provest, baillies and counsale to cheis the new, lippynning for na hinder nor impediment to have bene maid to thame thairin, nevirtheles, it is of veritie that a grite nowmer of the rascall multitude inhabitantis of the said citie, sterit up be sum seditious and unquiet personis, convenit thame selffis togidder, and not onlie debarrit and stoppit the saidis complenaris to proceid in the said electioun be boisting, minassing, dinging and misusing of sum of the honnest men assisting thame with thair vote, bot in thair pretendit maner maist inordourly aganis the accustumat forme and expres contrair the tennour of the saidis actis of burrowis and act of parliament electit sic provest, baillies and counsale to beir office and charge within the said citie for the yeir tocum as thay thocht meitast for mantenance and setting fordwart of thair seditious purpois, caryin thairwith a grite mutine, toumult and divisioun within the said citie, to the disturbing of the publict estate thairof, and appeirand genering of forder trouble and inconvenient without remeid be providit. And anent the charge gevin to Maister Williame Murray, pretendit provest, Maister David Auchmoutie and Williame Moffett, baillies of the said citie, Johnne Smith, Johnne Young, Johnne Wode, Maister Thomas Brown, Williame Yeule, David Kynneir, James Baverage and Thomas Lundie, allegeit committaris of the said enormitie, to have compeirit personalie befoir the kingis majestie and lordis of secreit counsale at ane certane day bigane, to have hard and sene the said pretendit electioun to have procedit maist inordourlie aganis the tennour of the saidis actis of parliament and burrowis and the libertie and previlege of the said citie in thair electioun of magistratis; and thairfoir decernit and declairit null, as alswa the saidis pretendit provest, baillies and counsale dischargeit and suspendit simpliciter frome all using and exerceing of the same officeis in tyme cuming, and siclik ane new electioun decernit tobe maid of the provest, baillies and counsale of the said citie conforme to the accustumat forme and ordour and the tennour of the saidis actis, or ellis to have shawne ane ressonnable caus quhy the sam sould nocht have bene done; with certificatioun to thame and thay failyeit, his majestie and the saidis lordis wald declair and decerne in maner foirsaid, lyke as at mair lenth is contenit in the saidis lettrez. Quhilk being callit and James Lermonth of Dersy, auld provest, Michaell Balfour, Alexander Winsister and Johnne Forrett of Fingask, compeirand personalie for thame selffis and in name of the remanent of the auld baillies and counsale of the said citie, persewaris, and the saidis Maister Williame Murray, Maister David Auchmowtie, eldair, Williame Moffett and Johnne Smith compeirand alswa personalie for thame selffis and in name of the remanent personis abonementionat, defendaris, the ressonis and allegationis of baith the saidis pairties, with the severall actis contenand the forme and maner of the electioun of ather of the saidis pairteis and thair colligis to beir publict office within the said citie for this present yeir, togidder with the advise and counsale of certane commissionaris of burrowis that wer alswa personalie present, being hard, sene and considderit be his hienes and the saidis lordis and thai ryplie advisit thairwith, the kingis majestie and the saidis lordis, following the advise of the commissioneris of the saidis burrowis in this cais, allowis and apprevis the electioun of the said Maister Williame Murray tobe provest, Maister David Auchmowtie, Williame Moffett, Johnne Martine, eldair, and Stevin Philp, baillies, and uthiris personis electit be thame and be certane uthiris inhabitantis of the said citie tobe thesaurair, deane of gild and of the counsale of the said citie for this present yeir, becaus the same electioun wes maid and done according to the forme, practique and consuetude observit within the same citie in tyme bigane past memoir of man, as wes testifeit to his hienes and the saidis lordis be the saidis comissionaris, and thairfoir ordanis the said Maister Williame and uthiris, his colligis foirsaidis, tobe reverenceit, acknaulegeit and obeyit as lauchfull magistrattis of the same citie be the haill communitie and inhabitantis thairof and uthiris his hienes liegis during the said space, dischargeing be thir presentis the said James Leirmonth of Dersy, Maister David Auchmowtie, youngair, Johne Forrett, James Robertsoun and Stevin Philp and all uthiris electit tobe magistratis of the said citie during the said space of all accepting or using of the officeis thairof and of thair officeis in that parte; and that lettrez be direct to mak publicatioun and intimatioun of the premises to all and sindrie his majesteis liegis be oppin proclamatioun at the mercat croce of the said citie and all uthiris placeis neidfull, quhairthrou nane pretend ignorance of the same; and to command and charge the saidis inhabitantis to reverence, acknaulege and obey the said Maister Williame and remanent personis, his colligis abowrittin, as thair lauchfull magistratz in tyme cuming during the said space and nane uthairis, as thay and ilkane of thame will ansuer to his majestie upoun thair obedience at thair uttermost charge and perrell, and undir all hiest pane, cryme and offence that thay may committ and inrin aganis his majestie in that behalff.

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