Procedure: commission
Commissioun to certane of the nobilitie to heir and considder the petitionis of the Erllis of Angus, Huntlie and Errole

Forsamekle as the kingis majestie and his esteatis presentlie assemblit, haveing hard and considderit of the petitionis and offeris of Williame, erll of Angus, George, erll of Huntlie, Frances, erll of Errole and sum uthiris now being undir proces of his hienes lawis for certane materis of lesemajestie layed to thair charge as attemptat and practizit be thame aganis the trew religioun professit and be law establissit within this realme, his majesties persone and estate and publict quietnes of the cuntrey; and, remembering how his hienes, with avise of his esteatis, in his lait parliament as not then fullie resolvit with the summoundis execute aganis the saidis erllis and sum uthiris remittit the tryale and ordouring of the materis to his hienes and his secreit counsale, for the quhilk his hienes appointit this present conventioun; and yit now finding that materis of sic consequence can not convenientlie and sufficientlie be hard and determinat in this present conventioun, his hienes thairfoir, with avise of his esteatis presentlie assemblit, hes thocht expedient to commit the heiring, determinatioun and considderatioun of the saidis materis and uthiris heirefter mentionat to the speciale personis of the saidis esteatis and of his hienes counsallouris and officiaris following, thay ar to say Johnne, lord Thirlstane, chancellair, George, erll Mairshaell, Johnne, erll of Mar, Johnne, erll of Montrois, Andro, erll of Rothes, and Alexander, lord Levingstoun, James Scott of Balvery, Johnne Murray of Tullibardin, Alexander Bruce of Airth, knychtis, Maister George Lauder of Bass, Williame Scott of Abbottishall and Maister David Carnegy of Culluthy, Alexander Hume of Northberuik, provest, and Clemett Cor, commissioneris of Edinburgh, with the commissionaris of Dundee, Striviling, Lynlythqw and Cowpar, with the officiaris of estate that salhappin tobe present for the tyme; and incais ony salhappin tobe absent, with power to his majestie, with avise of sic personis abonewrittin as salhappin tobe present, to nominat and cheis uthiris in thair placeis, and that Maisteris David Lindsay, Robert Bruce, Patrik Galloway, James Carmichaell, Robert Rollok and Johne Duncansoun, ministeris, or sic of thame as beis present, have access and audience quhen thay have ony thing to propone or salhappin tobe callit upoun for conference; gevand, grantand and committand to the saidis speciall personis of the esteatis, or ony foure of every estate and qualitie, with the officiaris of estate that salhappin tobe present for the tyme, full power, charge and authoritie to considder the saidis petitionis and offeris of the saidis erllis and uthiris suspectit and dilaitit of the saidis crymes and cravand the said tryale, to try the truth alswele of thair accusatioun as purgatioun and all uthiris materis that salbe proponit unto thame concerning his hienes estate and effearis and the present trublis and disordouris over all the realme; and thairanent to treat, consult and deliberat and to conclude in haill or in parte as thai sall think convenient, specialie twicheing the suretie of the estate of the religioun and professouris thairof and suirtie tobe takin of all personis suspectit or dilaitit tobe adversaris of the same or troublaris of the quietnes of the realme; or incais of thair dissobedience or contempt, how thay salbe persewit and repressit, admittand and declairing the procedingis and conclusionis of the saidis electit personis of the esteatis tobe als lauchfull, effectuall and sufficient in all respectis as giff the same wer done be his hienes full parliament or be his prevey counsale, sessioun or assyis befoir the justice generall or his deputis, quhilk his hienes will caus be ratifiet and apprevit in his hienes nixt perliament.

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