Lettrez to giff and tak assurance

And in respect that samony ar tobe chargeit to compeir befoir his majestie and his prevey counsale, befoir the saidis courtis of justiciarie and sa grite noumer to compeir and undirly the law at the same justice courtis, as alswa at the saidis oistis and armeyis for persute and punishement of the rebellious and contemptuus personis that compeiris not at the same justice courtis, and that it micht be dangerous to convene sic cumpaneyis in armes or quhair justice sould be quietly ministrat, feid and grudge standing amang samony unassured; and seing the publict quietnes of the realme and the releif of the puir sa miserabillie opprest aucht tobe preferrit to the querrell of privat personis, thairfoir ordanis lettrez to be direct chargeing the principallis of all pairteis within the saidis boundis amangis quhome feid, grudge or querrel standis, that thay and ilkane of thame, takand the burding upoun thame for all that thay may latt, assuir ilkane of thame uthairis and all his hienes subjectis cuming and repairing to his hienes presence at the said dyet appointit befoir his hienes and his secreit counsale, or to the saidis justice courtis, or to the saidis oistis and armeyis, tobe unhurt, unharmeit, unmolestit, troublit, invadit or persewit uthirwayes nor be ordour of law and justice, and that nane of thame tak upoun hand to mak provocatioun of displesour to utheris in worde, deid or countenance, outher for auld feid or new, undir the pane of perjurie, defamatioun and tinsale of perpetuall honour, estimatioun and credite; and that thay subscryve assuranceis to the effect foirsaid, tobe presentit to thame, subscryvit be the clerk of secreit counsale, within three dayis nixteftir the charge undir the pane of rebellioun etc., and giff thay failyie etc. to denunce etc.

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