Proclamatioun for convening at Peblis

And to the effect that the same rebellious and contemptuus personis that, being callit, compeiris not in the saidis justice courtis sall not eshape punishment nor the pane that sould mak thame answerable to justice and redres skaithis untane up as in tyme bigane, his majestie, with avise of his esteatis, hes deliberatlie concludit that the executioun of the said justice salbe followit oute with a sufficient force, it being tryit and knawne afoirhand quha wilbe obedient and quha nocht, ordanis lettrez tobe direct chargeing schireffis, stewartis, baillies or thair deputis, provestis, baillies and aldermen of burrowis to pas to the mercatt croceis of Edinburgh principall, Lynlythqw, Hadingtoun, Dunse, Lauder, Jedburgh, Selkirk, Roxburgh, Peblis, Lanerk, Renfrew, Air, Wigtoun, Kirkcudbryght and Drumfries and to command and charge all and sindrie erllis, lordis, baronis, frehalderis and gentilmen landit with the inhabitantis of burrowis, alswele within regalitie as ryaltie, that thai and ilkane of thame, weill bodin in feir of weir with tuentie dayis victuall and provisioun, addres thame to meit his hienes at Peblis upoun the first day of November nixttocum, thairfra to pas fordwart with his majestie, or uthirwayes as thay salbe commandit and directit, for invasioun and punishment of the rebellious and contemptous personis, inhabitantis of the cuntreyis ewest the bordouris, perturbaris of the commoun quietnes of the realme, undir the pane of tinsall of lyffe, landis and guidis.

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