Lettrez to charge the cheiffis and principallis of the brancheis of clannis to entir plegeis

Forsamekle as it is expreslie statute be act parliament that the suirtie maid be the landislordis and baillies sall not be prejudiciall nor stop the suirtie tobe maid be the chiftanis and principallis of clannis or brancheis thairof, nor be the contrair, thairfoir ordanis lettrez tobe direct chargeing the capitanis, chiftanis and cheiffis of all clannis and the principallis of the brancheis of the saidis clannis duelland in the hielandis or bordouris upoun the landis of divers landislordis, and depending upoun the directionis of the saidis capitanis, cheiffis and chiftanis (be pretence of blude or place of thair duelling), to entir sic personis plegeis as salbe nominat in his hienes lettrez tobe direct to thame upoun fyftene dayis wairning befoir his hienes secreit counsale, undir the pane of rebellioun etc.; and giff thay failye, to denunce etc.; to be placeit as his majestie sall think convenient, for keiping of gude reule in tyme cuming according to the conditionis quhairunto the saidis baillies and landislordis ar subject undir the pane of executioun of the saidis plegeis to the death incais of transgressioun and not redres maid be the personis, offendaris, for quhome the saidis plegeis lyis.

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