Procedure: suit rolls and commissions produced

The quhilk day the haill commissioneris of burrowis, the commissioneris for baroneis and schireffis, being all callit to compeir befoir oure said soverane lord, and the said burrowis and barroneis within ewerie schyre being callit at the tolbuith windok to produce thair sufficient commissiounes of parliament; as lykwayis the haill schireffis within the realme of Scotland being callit to compeir and produce thair sute roll befoir oure soverane lord and the lordis commissioneris of his hienes parliament this instant day,

Thair compeirit thair commissionaris of burrowis wnderwrittin and producit their sufficient commissiounes.

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  2. This material and the following two folios are not in the main PA2/15 source. Back