Act anent the marcat day of the burgh of Foirfar

Oure soverane lord, understanding that be act and ordinance maid anent the observatioun of the Sabboth day within this realme the mercat day of the burgh of Foirfair, being the head burgh of the schire, quhilk was Sonday, is takin frome thame, and his hienes not willing that thai in onywayis suld be prejugeit heirby, thairfoir his hienes, with avise of the estaitis of this present perliament, alteris and changeis thair said mercat day frome Sonday to Fryday, and willis the samyn Fryday oulklie to be thair mercatt day to thame in all tymes heireftir, and the samyn to stand with the alyk privilegis and fredome as the Sonday did ofbefoir.

  1. NAS, PA2/15, f.26r. Back
  2. The letter 'P.' written in the margin. Back
  3. The rest of the folio is blank and a further three blank folios (unnumbered) precede the 1594 parliament which begins on f.27. Back